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Will not accept militant trade unionism, says Purnendu

Purnendu Basu. Source: Express Photo Purnendu Basu. Source: Express Photo
By: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published on:June 18, 2014 4:02 am

Blaming the Centre for the rise in cases of violence in the state, labour minister Purnendu Basu Tuesday said: “Violence has risen here with the change in government at the Centre. The frequent visits of the central BJP team have only added to the political violence. Trinmaool Comgress workers are being attacked and killed.”

Slamming the trade unions, he said: “The state will not accept the militant attitude of labour unions. The union members need to realise that most mills have shut down as they took law in their hands,” he said after a meeting with INTTUC representatives of 52 jute mills. The labour commissioner and the labour secretary were also present at the meeting.

He said the state government would try to work out a way to reopen the mills soon.

The minister added that the state would chalk out a jute policy where the duties of the Centre government would be underlined as a large number of people from other states come to Bengal to work at jute mills.

He said a series of meetings would be held to resolve the jute mill impasse.

“On June 19, I will meet the MLAs who have jute mills in their constitueny. Next, I will talk to the MPs concerned. . We also plan to have adequate police patrols at these mills during a shift change. A a tripartite meeting with mill owners, the government and labour union representatives will be held on June 25,” he said.

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