Rift within ‘grey minds’

Written by RAJIB CHATTERJEE | Published: May 21, 2012 3:26 am

Sunando Sanyal,Educationist

“Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee was the chief minister of only the CPM. After Poriborton,we had expected that Mamata will become chief minister of all. But unfortunately,she,like her predecessor,has become the chief minister of Trinamool. She did not even try to become chief minister of all. The government is directionless. The previous government was anti-poor. But the present government has not done anything to to get the credential of being pro poor.

BAD: “There is an attempt to turn students into rowdies. No poriborton is visible in education field.”

“Nothing has been done to fulfill her promise of providing alternative employments to those involved in illegal hooch trade in the wake of Magrahat hooch tragedy.”

“The government’s attempts to promote a selected newspapers close to it cannot be accepted in a free democratic system.”

GOOD: “Setting up inquiry commissions to probe incidents of mass killings that took place during the Left regime is a good move for the sake of democracy.”Bibhas Chakraborty,

Theatre personality

“After the change in the government,many had anticipated political violence in the state. They were under the impression that violence would go beyond control because the Trinamool,unlike the CPM,is not a regimented party. But the Chief Minister proved them wrong. Of course some stray political violence has occurred,but the way she tackled the situation should be praised.”

GOOD: “The government solved the crisis in Junglemahal and Darjeeling. There may be debate on the way her government has acted in Junglemahal. In Junglemahal,the chief minister acted in her own style. I would have opted for different tactic. We had demanded withdrawal of joint force from Junglemahal. There may be some compulsions. There is an argument that if the joint force is withdrawn,some anti-government political parties may join hands to start politics of killings.”Sujato Bhadra,Human rights activist “Promises remain

unfulfilled. Some have been fulfilled,others not.”

GOOD: Government agreed to our demands that there should be no chemical industry in Nayachar and nuclear plant in Haripur. We wanted the state government to oppose NCTC and field trial of genetically modified seeds which it did. We were in favour of opening up dialogues in Darjeeling and Junglemahal. The government had agreed and acted on it.

BAD: The government had promised not to implement UAPA in West bengal. This is unfortunate that seven persons have been arrested under the Act during the regime of new government. Two fake encounters in which two persons – Yudhisthir mahato and Kishenji – were killed.

In colleges,Trinamool cadres are becoming dictators. Reports are coming from villages that Opposition party cadres are being terrorised. This is not expected.”

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