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Off the field: NaMo Sena to tap, and tag Tapas Paul’s rape-revenge remark on FB

group Next on NaMo Sena’s list of plans is ‘to form 294 teams for 294 Assembly seats’, which will aim at 2016 Assembly elections.
Written by Arshad Ali | Kolkata | Updated: July 6, 2014 3:11 am

In an effort to unleash “cyber assault” on the Trinamool Congress government in West Bengal, the newly formed NaMo Sena has picked up the issue of Tapas Paul’s rape revenge remark. The group has put up several pictures with accompanying caricature of the Tollywood star and TMC MP on social networking website Facebook.

“We created the group (which has nearly 17,000 members) on January 4. Our initial objective was to ensure that the BJP comes to power at the Centre. Now we are contemplating a change at the state-level because we feel that people who had voted for poriborton (to bring TMC to power) were not looking for a change of this nature. The people of Bengal will see a real poriborton in 2016. Through social media, we will highlight the ill-governance as well as the developmental work taken up by the BJP government,” said Pabitro De, founder member of the group who is a professional in the retail industry working in Dubai.

“We will ensure that every misdeed of the state government goes viral,” De said.

Next on NaMo Sena’s list of plans is “to form 294 teams for the 294 Assembly seats in Bengal”, which will aim at the 2016 Assembly elections in the state. “People would realise that the BJP is the only alternative,” said Jiten Chatterjee, another member of the group. He added that at present, the party is only targeting south Bengal where it has a strong base and from where it intends to create the first dent into TMC stronghold. He said that top professionals in every field will be roped in to help form an opinion in favour of the BJP in the state.

The group recently had a meeting with senior BJP leader Tathagata Roy on June 30. Roy said that social media will play a much larger role in 2016. “NaMo Sena will play a pivotal role in ushering a real poriborton through its onslaught on the social media which it has already started before the Lok Sabha elections.

Sabyasachi Bhattacharjee, who had been in charge of the group in Bankura, said, “Several places had been inaccessible owing to TMC terror but the acceptance of NaMo Sena in Bengal seems to have brought in a whiff of fresh air.”

First Published on: July 6, 20143:09 am
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