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Modi hits back: Muslims in Gujarat better off than in Bengal

I am surprised. Didi, why are you afraid of a paper tiger, said Narendra Modi. (PTI) The per capita income of urban Muslims in Gujarat is over Rs 900, while it is less than Rs 700 in Bengal, Modi claimed. (PTI)
By: Press Trust of India | Asansol | Published on:May 5, 2014 12:58 am

Narendra Modi Sunday hit out at the Trinamool Congress for claiming to be a do-gooder for Muslims, saying the minority community is far better-off in his state Gujarat than in West Bengal.

Modi claimed that the Sachar Committee report had shown the truth with regard to development of minorities in different states.

“Muslims in West Bengal have to force the TMC government to do politics of development for them instead of indulging in votebank politics,” Modi told an election rally here, continuing the ongoing verbal duel between him and TMC chief and Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Both have been making allegations and counter-allegations in this election season with the attacks sometimes taking a personal hue.

“Every state has a quota for Muslims to go for Haj and Gujarat has a quota of 4,000 people to go for the pilgrimage each year,” he said, adding, that 40,000 people apply for the pilgrimage from his state, reflecting the financial position of Muslims there.

“In Bengal, the quota for Haj is 12,000 and applications are made less than that number,” he said wondering “who is responsible for the Muslims’ poverty here.”

Reeling off statistics about Muslims being better-off in his state, Modi, who was termed as the “butcher of Gujarat” by the TMC following his threat to throw out Bangladeshis after May 16, said “over 60 per cent Muslims in Gujarat get primary education, while it is less than 50 per cent in Bengal.”

He claimed that while per capita income of Muslims in rural Gujarat was above Rs 700, it was below Rs 500 for the same category in the Trinamool Congress-ruled eastern state. The per capita income of urban Muslims in Gujarat is over Rs 900, while it is less than Rs 700 in Bengal, Modi claimed.

Reiterating that the TMC was playing votebank politics, he said, “This is their secularism. Average bank deposit of a Muslim in Gujarat is Rs 35,000, while in Bengal it is only Rs 11,000.”

“Muslim population in Gujarat is 8 to 9 per cent while in Bengal it is 20 to 22 per cent. But there are 8.5 per cent Muslims in high government posts in Gujarat, while it is only 1.2 per cent in Bengal,” he said, questioning whether this was secularism.

Asking whether justice has not been done in Gujarat for Muslims, he claimed that the Trinamool Congress, Congress and the Left were indulging in votebank politics only by harping on secularism while doing nothing for the development and advancement of the

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