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Mamata hints alliance, CPM says apologise first

Congratulating Nitish Kumar (JD-U) and Lalu Prasad (RJD) for win in the recent bypolls in Bihar, said Mamata.

By: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: August 30, 2014 1:01 am
mamata I believe that nobody is untouchable in politics. We also allied with the SUCI during the Assembly election”.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Friday indicated that in her fight against the BJP she was not averse to an alliance with the CPI-M saying that in politics and in democracy, “nobody is untouchable”.

“I have kept the options open. No one is politically untouchable. If opportunity comes, we will consider an alliance,” Mamata, also the Trinamool Congress chief, said in an interview on 24 Ghanta.

If a proposal (from CPI-M) comes, she said, “We will discuss it. I will place the proposal before the party. There are several levels in our party and it has to be discussed”.

Congratulating Nitish Kumar (JD-U) and Lalu Prasad (RJD) for win in the recent bypolls in Bihar, she said, “Had they allied before the Lok Sabha polls, they would have got all the seats there. I believe that nobody is untouchable in politics. We also allied with the SUCI during the Assembly election”.

Leader of Opposition in the Bengal Assembly and CPI-M politburo member Suryakanta Mishra, however, wants her to apologise for “her earlier mistakes” before she joins the battle for secularism against the BJP. “A battle for secularism has to be started. If she wants to join that battle, she has to admit her earlier mistakes like allying with BJP and sending flowers to (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi. She has to further restore the democracy in Bengal. Those are the preconditions of starting the battle,” Mishra said.

He said the CPI-M cannot forget that she brought BJP to Bengal. “She is the reason for BJP’s existence here. She never fought the battle for secularism with principles. If democracy is attacked, then secularism is also attacked,” Mishra added.

In her interview, Mamata termed BJP as “political pollution”. “I am not worried about BJP. Let them get five seats first in the Assembly elections, then they may talk about 294 seats. I worked with the party for (Atal Bihari) Vajpayeeji. But now they do not respect him. They have thrown (L K) Advaniji out. And there is a new leadership. They are trying to create communal tension. They do not know how to win people’s hearts,” she added.

‘Modi government believes in selling out nation’

Accusing Narendra Modi government of trying to sell out the nation to foreign powers by allowing FDI in various sectors, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Friday said any global economic downturn in future would have severe implications on the Indian economy. “I came out of the UPA government when it allowed FDI in retail. They (BJP) are allowing FDI in every sector, including Railways and Defence,” Mamata said.

Asked to comment on Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s questioning of her Singapore visit, she said, “What about foreign visits by our Prime Minister after taking office just a few months back? How do I make him (Jaitley) understand that there has to be a way out? He is talking about FDI, I am talking about PPP model. He is talking about forcible land acquisitions under the nozzle of guns, I am talking about land banks. They believe in selling out everything, increasing the prices and fares and cutting on subsidies”.

Praising the initiative taken by the Indira Gandhi-led Congress regime of nationalising Indian banks, Mamata said this initiative had saved India during the global economic downturn in 2008.

“Due to Indira Gandhi’s policy of bank nationalisation India survived the economic slowdown in 2008 and because India has a record of small and medium savings it survived the recent slowdown too,” she said.

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  1. $
    Aug 30, 2014 at 6:21 am
    1. Can CPM prove that they can contribute to a modern INDIA ?2. Can CPM prove that they can transform their last bastion AGARTALA to the level of a BANGALORE ?3. Can CPM prove that they can bring lakhs of crores of INVESTMENT to TRIPURA like other progressive states ?I wish BJP and NDA Govt make a positive impact (where it is much needed) and help transform TRIPURA.Lakhs of Educated Youths of TRIPURA (2nd highest populous state in NORTHEAST) have been languishing in complete frustration for over a decade now (recent news on TRIPURA can be refereed for details) due to lack of -- Progressive policies, Meaningful development, Best of the industries and quality professional employment opportunities, Best of the cl healthcare, Proactiveness in being nationally and globally compeive.Is there any ray of hope for TRIPURA ?Does anyone know why capital AGARTALA is not yet even an inch near to a tier-2 city like PUNE ?Does anyone know what TRIPURA have achieved (in terms of giving its educated youth much needed professional career opportunities at par with other progressive states) till date by focusing on natural resource (rubber, bamboo, plastic) based industry, which in progressive states (e.g. Karnataka, Maharashtra) is considered as intermediary industry, while IT and High Tech industry are the prime economy drivers !!Does any one know HOW LONG (and WHY) people of TRIPURA (Youths especially) have to languish in backwardness when rest of the progressive states are vying for attention from top IT MNCs and High Tech firms to set up their base ??If tier 2 cities like PUNE, GURGAON can achieve same through right mix of people, policies, push and willingness to embrace technology and compeion - why can't AGARTALA ??Hope much needed ECONOMIC VIBRANCY (like Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad) is created in AGARTALA (to emerge as new SMART CYBER CITY of India!) with best of the policies and setting up of World Cl Infrastructures.Really hope leadership in CENTER, TRIPURA Govt and Other Concerned DIGNITARIES takes a FUTURISTIC and PROGRESSIVE approach and goes BIG to put TRIPURA into national & international scheme of things and strives hard in making AGARTALA into an world cl city signifying uprising India's growing prowess!We really need to move forward by developing TRIPURA with world cl infrastructures and bring it at par with best of the other Indian states in the shortest possible time!Yes - we do have logistical issues in terms of connectivity,tough terrains - which slowly but surely being overcomed with multiple links opening up through Bangladesh,Myanmar!Appreciating TRIPURA Govt and Center on the development works so far,would request to set higher goals and aim to make TRIPURA the new face of emerging India!Some of the very important issues plauging TRIPURA badly:1DUSTRY - Not a single High Tech corporate, Big MNCs - especially economy driving Service Sector (from IT, High Tech - source of higher disposable income - source of thriving economy) have a presence in TRIPURA - Need of the hour (with major connectivity projects on and due for completion in next 1-2 years) is to have many of these companies (e.g. IBM,Accenture,TCS, Infosys, Wipro,HCL,Cognizant, Tech Mahindra) set up Delivery & Consultancy centers (by facilitating them with setting up of necessary IT zones / parks with due URGENCY) - Which is a must to open up window of professional opportunities (and m employment) for bright (More than 6 lakhs UNEMPLO !!) youths of the state. TRIPURA is also home to mive talent pool with combination of huge number of working professionals (working in other Metros and abroad currently), local educated youths, youths (and working professionals) from neighboring NORTHEAST states and legal working professionals from Bangladesh and Neighboring countries! At the same time geographical proximity of AGARTALA to important BANGLADESH cities (and subsequently to other SE Asian countries) gives ample business opportunities for IT Majors to expand their client base across industrial domains (e.g. Digital Bangladesh project being envisaged by Bangladesh Govt).2.LIFESTYLE - Not a single world cl 5 star hotel (Taj, Leela, Oberoi, ITC), World cl shopping mall (Phoenix Market city Mumbai, LuLu International Shopping Mall Kochi, Mantri Square mall Bangalore), multiplexes (PVR, Big Cinemas, INOX) , World cl Retail chains (Walmart, IKEA, Pantaloons,Shoppers Stop, Croma, Reliance Retail etc) exists in TRIPURA - Need of the hour is to have many and which is a must for a better and modern lifestyle for both people of State as well as thousands of (domestic and international) tourists arriving in the state.3.EDUCATION - Not a single higher education insute of national importance (IIM, IIT, IISc, AIIMS, Symbiosis management insutes, Xavier management insutes etc ...) exists in TRIPURA - Need of the hour is to have many (given the fact that a huge number of students from TRIPURA migrates to other states for pursuing Engineering, Medical and Management from best of the insutes) which is a must to bring youths at par to the ones in other part of India !! This will also help best of the brains from other parts of INDIA to know NORTHEAST (TRIPURA in particular) better!4.HEALTHCARE - Not a single HOSPITAL of national importance (in terms of professionalism , proven quality and trusted b) exists in TRIPURA which is a must for those helpless people of state who has to run around and rush to Chennai and other cities for treatment even during those critical hours of life! - Need of the hour is to go PROACTIVE and INVITE best of the bs available (e.g AIIMS, FORTIS, APPOLO, MANIPAL Hospitals) to set up their HOSPITAL CHAINS at AGARTALA, at the same time highlighting enormous business opportunities they can derive from Medical Tourism Market comprising of Tourists coming from other Northeast states, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan and other Neighboring countries.5.RAIL - Really hope TRIPURA gets connected to Trans-Asian Railway (TAR) Network with individual lines to MYANMAR and BANGLADESH - in the earliest possible time. Given the huge prospect of being a important Rail hub (catering to domestic and international traffic) connecting NORTHEAST to SE Asia and further to Europe, Hope AGARTALA rail station gets transformed into a world cl Rail station (with best of the technologies, equipments, infrastructure and amenities) in the line of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Maharashtra) and Chennai Central station (Tamil Nadu). Also, need of the hour is to have a seamless Rail connectivity between all the NE capitals (Mumbai-Chennai like network need to be put in place for people to move across NORTHEAST easily without any hles/security issues).6.CITY TRANSPORT - Not the best of the Road Infrastructure and City Transport System is in place in AGARTALA! Need of the hour is to have world cl technology (e.g. GPRS enabled systems) and equipments embedded in ROADS (e.g. Digital Sign boards, CCTV cameras, Automatic Traffic Signal Control System etc.) and PUBLIC TRANSPORT VEHICLES (e.g. High Tech VOLVO AC and Non-AC Buses, Double-decker Buses) ; and install a organized process (e.g. Daily, Monthly and Yearly Pes, Dress code for Bus operators) in place - with something like Ahmedabad Bus Rapid Transit system, Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System! Does anyone know when AGARTALA METRO will be flagged off ?7.AIRPORT - Really hope AAI comes up with an world cl international terminal (in the line of Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore , Mumbai Airports) in AGARTALA with modern technology, infrastructure, equipments and best of the amenities! With growing economic linkage between INDIA and other ASEAN countries (latest being PM's visit to an and Thailand) as part of INDIA's LOOK-EAST POLICY,it hardly leaves any room for imagination - the role AGARTALA going to play in near future being the hub of international trade. And SMOOTH and AROMATIC flow of INTERNATIONAL and DOMESTIC travelers (includes businessman, tourists, patients, students) will hold key to fully realize potential of LOOK-EAST policy envisioned by INDIA's leadership.8.WATER Ways - TRIPURA Rivers are connected to Rivers in Bangladesh. Need of the hour is to transform TRIPURA rivers into national waterways, set up World Cl Inland ports (in the line of Kaladan Multi-modal Transit Transport Project) and connect them to Bangladesh River and Sea ports, which would ease TRIPURA's landlockedness to a significant extent and improve Supply Chain and Logistical delivery of goods and services!9.HIGHWAY - Hope AGARTALA gets incorporated to have seamless access to SE Asia connectivity points (India-Myanmar-Thailand trilateral highway and Kaladan Multi-modal Transit). Also Need of the hour is to have Multi-lane express highway (in the line of Mumbai-Pune expressway, Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway) connectivity among all NE capitals.10.BUSINESS MEET - Not a single global investor meet organised yet in AGARTALA (whereas in Karnataka, Gujarat and even Chattisgarh these are almost frequent affairs - Recent one being PUNJAB getting thousands of crores of investment out of a Investor Summit !!). Need of the hour is organize such event which would surely put TRIPURA in global map and radar of world cl corporates!11.SPORTS - Not a single International stadium exists in AGARTALA to hold national and international level football and cricket tournaments (ODI, T20, Test matches, IPL,Challengers League etc) !!! Need of the hour is to set up an World Cl International stadium with latest technology, infrastructure, equipments and best of the amenities (to the level of Eden Gardens Stadium, M Chinnaswamy Stadium, M. A. Chidambaram Stadium) to facilitate football and cricket crazy fans of TRIPURA (2nd Populous NE state!!), fans from neighboring NE states and neighboring countries of Bangladesh & Myanmar, budding cricketers from NORTHEAST to watch their favorite STARS in action !! This would also be a huge boost to Tourism, Relationship build up with neighboring countries, Opening up of many other avenues in industry starved NORTHEAST TRIPURA! For an instance, even though INDIA will be hosting 2017 U-17 FIFA world cup, there seems to be no chance of having few matches pla in TRIPURA - though that would be the nicest thing to bring WORLD much closer to NORTHEAST TRIPURA !!12.ECONOMIC ZONE - Really hope AGARTALA gets incorporated in the proposed BCIM (Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar) corridor project and BIMSTEC (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation) project. Having close geographical proximity with important cities like DHAKA and CHITTAGONG will surely help TRIPURA leverage it's strategic location of being India's Gateway to SOUTHEAST ASIA! Also there is a urgent need to build economic and industrial corridors connecting all NE capitals to leverage economic potential between Northeast India and Southeast Asia.13.TOURISM - There seems to be no concerted approach in Bing and Marketing TRIPURA TOURISM with a wider internet reach through Social Media network, Top travel and hospitality web sites (in the line of Maharashta Tourism, Tamilnadu Tourism, Uttar Pradesh Tourism, Kerala Tourism, Goa Tourism) even though there is a huge scope for TRIPURA in both National and International Tourism Market.14.TECHNOLOGY - There seems to be no approach in promoting and using modern technologies e.g. Internet Of Things (Combination of Physical things, Sensors, Internet, Big Data and Real time Analytics) - which allows to overcome day to day challenges and enhance public life (e.g. Wireless sensors on Bridges and Buildings for precaution against earthquake and natural disaster; Smart farms to improve Agriculture productivity; Effective Monitoring of Healthcare for patients; Managing Rivers, lakes and flood situations; Managing Traffic Congestion; Managing Air Polution; Managing Forest Degradation; Maintaining Roads and Highways; Monitoring Goods Transportation; Monitoring vehicle speed and preventing Road Accidents).15.SMART CITY - Hope AGARTALA gets incorporated in the SMART CITY project envisaged by NDA Govt.Also urgent need of the hour is to complete all the existing infrastructure projects as soon as possible and identification and sanctioning of all other infrastructure projects fulfilling above infrastructure gaps without any further delay!!Anything less than 'WORLD CL' would only defeat the very purpose behind infrastructure development of TRIPURA under LOOK-EAST Policy!!IMPOSSIBLE - just means I AM POSSIBLE! If India need to catch up with developed part of the world,the most strategically placed Northeast (especially TRIPURA) need to be made into a developed region in the shortest possible time!!I strongly believe TRIPURA govt (in close co-ordination with Center, other concerned dignitaries & all corporate vissionaries) can certainly achieve this sooner rather than late, which would definitely give its people a better employment opportunities, a better healthcare, a better access to quality education, a quality lifestyle, and last but not the least a confident and connected TRIPURA leading India's charge towards contributing to a more stable and stronger global economy!!
    1. A
      Sep 3, 2014 at 7:34 am
      haha, what happened to her so called hatred for CPM, wasn't she the one who always loathed them. Do whatever you please,BJP is here to stay.
      1. W
        we r
        Aug 30, 2014 at 5:25 am
        frustrated soul..... enough!
        1. M
          Aug 30, 2014 at 3:39 am
          The present socialists niether has ideology nor martyrdom when compared with the previous generation leaders like Basavapunnaiah, Sundarayya, AKG, BTR, EMS, P. Krishna Pillai or Jyoti Basu. After independence, the communists were very strong in Telangana and Bihar. The feudal regimes under Nehru and Indira hi hunted the then socialists using military and police after labeling them as Naxallites. Mamata was also part of the Cong(I) party before. The present communists have distanced a lot from the common man. Read the comment from Justice Krishna Iyer on September 19, 2013 that "Narendra Modi a socialist with hian values"
          1. N
            Niladrinath Mohanty
            Aug 30, 2014 at 2:33 am
            No political party is secular in India so long as they take religious communities in their electoral calculation. BJP does not vigorously deny that they are a Hindu party. But are the parties led by Mamata Banerjee, Sonia hi and the Communists really secular in spite of their protestation.
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