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Birbhum gangrape: Forensic team examine samples

Doctors treating the victim at Suri hospital said the girl was stable and is responding well to treatment.

The forensic team at Labhpur village Saturday.(IE Photo:Subham Dutta) The forensic team at Labhpur village Saturday. (IE Photo:Subham Dutta)
Written by Arshad Ali | Labhpur (birbhum) | Updated: February 5, 2014 6:09 pm

Four days after the alleged gangrape of a 20-year-old tribal girl, a four-member forensic team reached the spot Saturday.

Led by Shipra Ray, the head of the biological department of Forensic Science Laboratory, Belgachia arrived at 1.30 pm and examined the sheets of clothes found in the shed.

These samples will be sent to the laboratory for further examination and after the reports arrive, they will be matched with those collected at the hospital during the medical test of the victim and the 13 accused.

“Nothing can be said unless the test results come,” Ray said.

Meanwhile, doctors treating the victim at Suri hospital said the girl was stable. “She is stable and is responding well to treatment. However, she is yet to get over the trauma and would need psychiatric treatment,” said Dr Asit Biswas, medical superintendent of the hospital, adding she might be released in a couple of days.

Siddhinath Gupta IG (western range), said the 13 arrested are being interrogated.

“We are interrogating them but would not be able to reveal what had come forth for the sake of investigation,” he said, adding police will provide protection to the victims and her family. “We will ensure she stays peacefully wherever she intends to stay.”

However, on Saturday, the Muslim youth from the neighbouring village with whom the victim allegedly had an affair was missing.

The youth’s wife said he had gone missing ever since the family had arranged to pay the penalty of Rs 25,000 to the village court chief.

First Published on: January 26, 2014 12:00 am
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