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Being an MP will not diminish my star appeal: Dev

Kolkata | Published on:May 24, 2014 1:39 am

By: Supratik Sengupta

Bengali movie star and newly-elected Trinamool Congress MP, Deepak Adikary, more famous by his screen name Dev, does not feel that his new status would diminish his star appeal for fans who may be supporters of rival political parties.
“I do not think me being elected on a Trinamool Congress ticket will in any way diminish my popularity with fans from the BJP, Congress or CPM,” Dev said.

The 31-year-old Bengali superstar is keen to see public reaction to a couple of his post-poll releases including ‘Bindass’, the first in the line-up.

The MP from Ghatal, who was handpicked by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to contest the Lok Sabha election, said that the occurrence of the names of Garbeta and Keshpur, infamous for political violence, in the film is purely accidental.
“Bindass is a fictional account. The shooting took place about a year back when none of us knew I would contest the polls from Ghatal. So there is no question of political motives,” Dev said.

Asked if he had any road map for the Bengali film industry, Dev said, “We had always worked for the betterment of our film industry. As an MP, I would like to carry that forward. The over-a-month-long campaign phase was an eye-opener.”
He said that he was happy to become people’s representative at a young age.

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