Bappi to fight from Serampore

Bappi Lahiri at a press conference in Mumbai on Friday. (PTI) Bappi Lahiri at a press conference in Mumbai on Friday. (PTI)

In a last-minute change, musician-singer Bappi Lahiri was given Serampore ticket in the BJP’s seventh list for Lok Sabha candidates declared late Thursday.

“Dada (Lahiri) had initially wanted Darjeeling, as it was the safest bet. Later, we heard he would be pitched from Jadavpur but were later told he would fight from Serampore,” Lahiri’s secretary Amit Sanyal Sanyal said.

Asked about Lahiri’s take on Serampore, Sanyal said: “He thought Jadavpur was better than Serampore where he believed the competition was stiffer. Nevertheless, he would be out with all guns blazing during the campaign. And since he is a popular figure across the country, he is sure people would come out in his support.”

Sanyal said Kalyan Banerjee, Trinamool Congress’s candidate in Serampore, is the only one who would put up a tough fight.

“But corruption in the Trinamool Congress and its misrule have been exposed. People would want a change and Dada is the best option, as he represents a party that would form the government at the Centre and their agenda is that of holistic growth and development,” he said.

Lahiri is scheduled to return to city on March 27 and visit Serampore.

The BJP has fielded its candidates in all the 42 constituencies from Bengal with the last two, Serampore and Jadavpur, announced Thursday night.

Swarup Prasad Ghosh, a professor, has been fielded from Jadavpur.