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4 days on, a Kolkata family prays, awaits call from son on board missing MH370

A search boat carrying rescue workers is set down from Mianyang warship on the suspected crash site A search boat carrying rescue workers is set down from Mianyang warship on the suspected crash site
By: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published on:March 12, 2014 3:43 am

“More than 96 hours have passed but we are still in the dark about the fate of my nephew, Muktesh Mukherjee and his Chinese wife Xiaomo Bai. We are keen to know what the Malaysian government is doing to trace the aircraft,” said retired Justice Manoj Mukherjee of the Calcutta High Court, Tuesday evening. Muktesh and his wife were aboard the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared mid-air over Vietnam, Saturday noon.

Justice Mukherjee’s brother, Milan Mukherjee left for Beijing the very next day the aircraft went missing and his personal secretary communicated the incident to the family on Saturday evening. Everyone is waiting to hear an official version about the disappearance of the plane, said Justice Mukherjee.

Muktesh, 42, studied in Kolkata up to Class VIII and then moved to Bhilai. He went to Canada for higher education and worked in ArcelorMittal, where his father, Malay Mukherjee was a board member. Ten years ago, Muktesh had travelled to Beijing for official work and Xiaomo Bai was his translator. Soon after, the two got married and settled in Beijing.

The only time the couple visited Kolkata was 10 years ago, said Uma, Muktesh’s mother. Uma is the eldest daughter of Mohan Kumaramangalam — a Union minister in Indira Gandhi’s cabinet who was incidentally killed in an air crash at Palam airport in Delhi in 1973.

After learning about the disappearance, Malay, flew to Doha from London to be with his other son. The two were enroute to Beijing on Tuesday. “We are eagerly waiting for news about Muktesh and his wife. My brother-in-law Milan failed to get any information from Beijing. We are waiting for Malay’s call now,” she said.

Milan called his family and told them that Beijing officials had no news about the couple.
“Muktesh’s two sons, Miles and Mirav, are staying with their grandparents in Beijing and Milan has joined them there,” said Mukherjee. He  blamed the Malaysian government for not sharing any information with the aggrieved families of the missing passengers and said, “I am very tensed. It is unbearable to pass time now.”

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