Chakradhar discovers he’s not Hindi Academy vice-chairperson anymore, Kumar Vishwas may be replacement

The academy comes under the Delhi government and is headed by the chief minister.

New Delhi | Updated: January 15, 2014 12:05:43 pm

More than two weeks after he sent his resignation to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, poet and vice-chairperson of the Hindi Academy, Ashok Chakradhar has come across an invitation card, sent by the academy for its annual festival, which suggests that his resignation may have been accepted.

Chakradhar said his name has always appeared in the invitation card under a particular head. But this time, his name has been replaced by AAP leader and poet Kumar Vishwas. There is no mention of him on the card.

“Though I submitted my resignation to the chief minister after the AAP government was sworn in, it has officially not communicated its acceptance or denial. But by the way things are progressing and the fact that my name doesn’t appear under the ‘sannidhya’ column on the card, where it usually appears, or in any area of the invite, it seems Kejriwal may have accepted my resignation,” Chakradhar said.

“I would have felt glad had I been told about my resignation’s acceptance officially and not in this indirect way,” he said.

The academy comes under the Delhi government and is headed by the chief minister. A senior official at the academy said the post of vice-chairperson was an honorary title and the appointment was done by the CM’s office. The annual festival of the academy is scheduled on January 16 at the Red Fort.

Chakradhar said in his association with the academy for over five decades, he had never come across an official invite without the name of the vice-chairperson.

Chakradhar said he sent his resignation to the chief minister on December 28. After he did not receive any reply from the CM’s office, he wrote to him again on December 31.

Vishwas said he had attended the annual festival of the Hindi Academy only once in 2004. “I refused to attend their functions as they continue to say that there should be no comments on the political system, which is unacceptable to me. I told them that you have not invited me for so many years and now you are sending me an invite. I will not take any money but the director insisted that I should come, so I agreed…,” he said.
On Chakradhar, Vishwas said, “I am a better paid poet than him.”

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