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Task force set up by DU meets to discuss changes to 4-year undergraduate course

DU is considering reducing the number of foundation courses.(Source: Express Photo) DU is considering reducing the number of foundation courses. (Source: Express Photo)
Written by Shikha Sharma | New Delhi | Published on:June 21, 2014 1:48 am

A day before DU’s Academic Council meet on June 21, members of the task force set up by the vice-chancellor last year to help develop courses for the four-year undergraduate programme, held a meeting to mull possible changes to the course.

“The university had set up a student-empowered committee, which went to 39 colleges over the course of a year and collected feedback from nearly 9,000 students about FYUP. The committee’s report, with suggestions on how to improve the course, were tabled before the task force on Friday. So, there may be a few changes in the course, if the recommendations are cleared by the Academic Council. This should not be viewed as a move to roll back the course or dilute its structure,” one of the members of the task force had told Newsline.

According to officials, who were at the meeting, DU is considering reducing the number of foundation courses and doing away with it in the second year of the course. It was also contemplating increasing the number of Discipline 1 courses.

“We are also considering changing the name of the programme from FYUP to ‘undergraduate programme with multiple exits’. A five-year integrated UG-PG programme with students getting a diploma in two years, degree in three years, honours in four years and a Masters degree in their discipline if they study five years is also being considered,” a senior member of the committee said.

Proposal to offer an integrated BTech-MTech degree is also on the cards, where students who finish four years would be given a BTech degree, and those who finish five years would get an MTech.

There is also talk of students getting marks for attending classes regularly. The Integrated mind, Body and Heart programme, is also likely to become credit-based, with students getting credits for community service projects, officials said.

All proposed changes are subject to the approval of the Academic Council, which will meet on Saturday.

A section of DU teachers and the student wings of the BJP and the Congress had been holding protests demanding the rollback of FYUP. A UGC committee which met last week had also said it would ask DU to review the course.

DU also held a meeting of its Standing Committee on Friday. Besides approving BTech in forensic science, a proposal to reduce the LLM degree from two years to one year was considered. Khalsa College will be the first DU college to start BTech in forensics from this year. A decision to start Masters in Forensic Sciences from next year was also considered.

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