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Somnath Bharti’s pet Don gets clean chit from court

Somnath Bharti's wife Lipika has alleged that the AAP leader had unleashed his pet on her during pregnancy and even slit her wrist with a kitchen knife.

By: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: October 7, 2015 9:25 pm
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AAP MLA Somnath Bharti’s ‘Don’, the pet dog, was on Wednesday given the clean chit by a city court which said the allegation of the canine biting his wife was unfounded.

It observed that the recorded conversation regarding the alleged bite and the Labrador’s subsequent examination by the vets reflected versions different than the allegations of Bharti’s wife Lipika Mitra.

“Perusal of the case diary, dated September 30, show that examination of dog Don by the board of the doctors of animal husbandry hospital was conducted and applicant (Bharti) was directed to give commands to Don, i.e., Don come, Don bark, Don bite…Don sit down etc. but dog Don did not respond on his commands,” Additional Sessions Judge Anil Kumar said.

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He said that status report of police and copy of e-mails exchanged between Bharti and Lipika shows that only after a few days of the incident of alleged dog biting, the pet had remained in her house and she was “concerned of the responsibilities of the dog while applicant was not there.”

“This taking care of dog by the complainant was despite the fact, as alleged by her, that this dog assaulted her just one-two days before, on the command of applicant (Bharti),” the court said.

It further said “serious allegations made by the complainant are not in consonance with her recorded conversations with applicant. Recorded conversation on the point of dog bite and wrist slit reflect different versions”.

Regarding the injuries on Lipika and her allegation of wrist sliting, the judge said “I have gone through the police file also and find no medical evidence in support of the incident of alleged wrist slit of night intervening May 27-28, 2015. There is only MLC dated June 11, which only mentions about old cut marks but external injury.”

Lipika has alleged that the AAP leader had unleashed his pet on her during pregnancy and even slit her wrist with a kitchen knife.

Based on these allegation, police had booked Bharti for attempt to murder charges under section 307 of IPC and other charges. Police had also examined Bharti’s pet to ascertain the allegation after taking it into custody.

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  1. A
    Oct 7, 2015 at 11:31 pm
    contempt of dogs. A vet , who is a pet dog,eats from Lipika mam, cant bite .A average pet dog, cant do like that. At max, some scratches , with playing with dog.have years with dogs,i know and understand well,They are loyal and honest than any living being on earth.
    1. D
      Dinesh Singh
      Oct 7, 2015 at 10:55 pm
      Now Don should sue Lipika Mitra Barkha shukla Singh and Delhi police for defamation and harment. I knew from the begin ing that this bitcj is conniving with corrupt BJP to har AAP leader.
      1. N
        Oct 7, 2015 at 11:52 pm
        I was going through the headlines and saw "Somnath Bharti’s pet Don gets clean chit from court , I felt most of all the news this news was important for Me to read, Reason I felt Dogs are Better than Humans and many times better than the Politicians !!!, we raised a Labrador and we Know them better.
        1. ராஜ் குமார்
          Oct 7, 2015 at 8:43 pm
          Maybe he shud sue her and Barkha Singh for defamation now!
          1. S
            Salim Indian
            Oct 8, 2015 at 1:51 am
            This bangali woman lipika mitra and gujarathi men modi and shah can fall to any level to finish anyone they think is going to work against corruption, shame on their states, culture and language. How much money is lipika getting paid for this? Even hindhus who voted for bjp led by gujju middlemen of corporates modi and shah have started regretting putting these corrupt to core criminal schemers and anti democracy pro corruption coterie of bjp into power. Advani and vajpayee already knew the true character of gujarathi greed that modi and shah represent and the extent to which bangali women can fall, and hence they never supported them during last election campaign. Gujarathi modi and shah are acting on behest of christian multinationals from usa and italy because they got some moresels to chew from their christian masters.
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