Sibal pens his own billboards, jingles

One of Sibal’s campaign ads. (Praveen Khanna) One of Sibal’s campaign ads. (Praveen Khanna)

As the light turns red at a traffic signal in Chandni Chowk, motorists turn their gaze to a billboard. It has the smiling face of the area’s two-time MP Kapil Sibal alongside a slogan, “Sache vaade, nek iradien’’.

Lending a personal touch to his Lok Sabha campaign, Sibal has penned these slogans and the radio jingles himself. He kickstarted his campaign in the capital with the slogan, “Aap Ka Apna Sibal”. Posters with this one-liner have been put up on most e-rickshaws in the city, while the billboards can be seen dotting the skyscape of Chandni Chowk.

Asked why he chose e-rickshaws as a mode of advertisement, Sibal says he had pushed for the introduction of battery-operated vehicles when he was minister of Science and Technology. “They are a very popular mode of travel in the city now,’’ he says. “It takes me all of five minutes to write these slogans,’’ says Sibal, adding that he began writing his own slogans during the 2009 Lok Sabha elections. “But radio jingles are a first,” says Sibal, who has been the MP from Chandni Chowk constituency
since 2004.

“Last elections, the slogan of my campaign was “Aapke sapne, mere apne”. This time, it is “Aap ka Apna Sibal”. I’d rather write my own slogans than outsource this work to someone else,’’ he says. “To engage with the people of my constituency, I also recite my verses during non-political events. As some of the songs have not been released as yet, I ask people not to record them,’’ he says.

Taking time out of his ministerial duties, Sibal had recently penned the lyrics of seven songs for music maestro A R Rahman’s album ‘Raunak’. According to Sibal, some of the more popular slogans written by him are “Sache vaade, nek iradien,’’ and “Aapki meri baat banegi’’. Sibal recently made his debut on Facebook to counter “misinformation being floated by his opponents”. “At the time of election, it is important that… the truth reach people,” reads one of his Facebook posts.