Say Yes To Tobacco

Tough on Tobacco gives a power-packed performance in Delhi as they promote their latest album.

Written by Somya Lakhani | Published: May 17, 2013 11:55 pm

Tough on Tobacco gives a power-packed performance in Delhi as they promote their latest album.

They are not a comedy rock band,in fact some of their songs are rather profound. But once you begin talking to the six members of Mumbai-based alt-rock-reggae band Tough on Tobacco (ToT),it’s all a big joke. They refuse to give a single straight response,and take jabs at each other. But it’s the music that does all the talking. On Thursday evening at Delhi’s Hard Rock Cafe,the band,comprising vocalist Sidd Coutto,guitarists Pozy Dhar and Gaurav Gupta,Johan Pais on bass and Jai Row Kavi on the drums,gave a power-packed performance while promoting their second album The Big,Big Joke.

“Technology wasn’t available for us to release this album. The day iPhone 5 came out,we said chalo,let’s work on it,” says Coutto with a laugh. The Big,Big Joke has come out after a gap of four years. “Since we are all part of various other bands and projects,the focus wasn’t on ToT,” says Dhar.

After recording 22 songs,the band picked 16 and are now releasing the album in two parts. The band’s humour,fortunately,was also part of their gig and after playing a few originals,Coutto asked the audience to give him a topic and genre,followed by an improv reggae song about fever and getting high. Coutto’s genius,evidently,lies in his impromptu singer-songwriter skills. The band performed their 2009 track Alone,which had Coutto at the stage steps with a dramatic,comical frown while crooning the track. This was followed by a mellow Follow your dream and the peppy Happy. The big big joke,a guitar heavy track,which was one of the better executed tracks,came in towards the end.

It was a tight act,on stage and off it. Kavi’s drum beats,Gupta’s guitar riffs and some impressive vocals along with Pais’ defining bass lines and Pozy’s string command complement the craziness that Coutto exudes on stage.

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