Police wrap up probe on forced conversion, say allegations false

Police said despite the fact that no FIR had been filed, they conducted an investigation to verify the allegations as the matter is sensitive.

By: Express News Service | Greater Noida | Published:September 2, 2014 1:41 am
After questioning the pastors, police found that people in Kulesra were praying with Christians on their own volition. After questioning the pastors, police found that people in Kulesra were praying with Christians on their own volition.

Police on Monday called the allegations of “forced conversions” in a Greater Noida village false and closed investigation into the matter, with SP (Rural) Brijesh Kumar Singh stating that the complaint had been made by local BJP leaders in Kulesra village.

Meanwhile, the Dalit Valmikis who were allegedly being forced to convert to Christianity have denied the charges, police said.

Police said after the complaint was made, a team was sent to the village to investigate the matter. Police said they found that the allegations were baseless and that people were praying with the Christian pastors on their own volition.

Meanwhile, the pastors — who had been detained following the allegation — said they would be meeting with members of the Greater Noida parish to decide their next step.

“There is simply no case in the matter. If people wish to pray to a god, we can’t stop them. Freedom of religion in India is a Fundamental Right guaranteed by the Constitution. Police have no role here as long as it’s being done peacefully and without harming others,” Singh said.

Police said despite the fact that no FIR had been filed, they conducted an investigation to verify the allegations as the matter is sensitive.

“This is an area where communal tensions have been high, particularly with regard to forced conversions. But our investigation found no such thing. The pastors had come to the village to pray with the people for their good,” Singh said.

He said those who were allegedly being forced to convert to Christianity, had denied the charges. “In our interviews with Dalit Valmikis who were allegedly being forcibly converted, they spoke of no such thing. They were only praying,” he said.

Meanwhile, Reverend Wilson Joseph, president of the Calvary Ashram Seva Sangh in Greater Noida, said they had not yet filed a police complaint in the matter.

“BJP workers instigated people. The pastors who were detained have been praying in the village for seven or eight years and have never faced such accusations,” he said.

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  1. R
    Sep 2, 2014 at 7:54 pm
    LOL, "no FIR had been filed", and yet investigation was carried out. Great going UP police. Now we know, why investigation is so slow in cases where FIR has been filed.
  2. P
    Paul Deepak
    Sep 2, 2014 at 3:07 pm
    BJP, VHP and RSS agenda seems very well planned. There is a systematic creation of hatred, in places where there is peace and looking for vulnerable people to target. The overwhelming majority at the centre gives them the license to do anything in the name of religion and nobody to question - neither the elected members of the parliament nor the judiciary or police. These forces of hatred should not forget that the mandate was for growth and a bright future and not for going the way Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq have done
  3. R
    Sep 2, 2014 at 2:04 am
    This is the sign that the outfits, like those made false accusations against the Christian servants of God, are with the moral support of the present BJP Govt want to create communal tension in our country. The present Central Govt should prove that they are having the National interest than the cheaply built political interest
  4. R
    Sep 2, 2014 at 6:08 am
    Converting to Christianity in India is nothing but adding a couple of additional gods and a goddess to the Hindu pantheon. It was because of this reality that the English in India used to describe the Portuguese ruled enclave of Goa as being peopled by 'barbaric' Christians. It is a fact that Indian Christians still believe in the potency of conjuring to cause physical harm and even death. The caste system is still very much alive among the Indian Christians though this has suffered a slight dent because of the 'gulf money' that began pouring in from the 1970s and lately the computer industry boom that all Indians made good use of. I should know what I am talking about because I, personally, along with my siblings am a product of the caste system that prevails in the Indian Christian community. It should be remembered that even cution by the Portuguese through the Portuguese Inquisition to 'purify' Indian Christianity by weeding out traditional Hindu rites and rituals failed though it created the Mangalorian and the Karwar Christian communities. Not to forget the huge Christian community in Belgaum, Karnataka with their Portuguese names. The only advantage that the dalits might gain by formally converting to one of the numerous Christian sects, is access to education in the English language which is almost inaccessible to the very poor in this country . But this access to the English language too is not guaranteed. So why are the BJP right-wingers worried. Unless of course as seems to be the case they want to s up and/or expand their vote bank!
  5. R
    Raj Shrama
    Sep 2, 2014 at 6:23 pm
    If the nefarious activity of RSS /VHP continues like this ,,,creating hatred among the majority and minority community , the days are not long when we will start a civil war and divide our own streets and cities in caste and religion ....dont misled the people u marons ... live and let them live....otherwise,,there will be 2,,3,,4 parions of india ... and a lot lot of blood shed and hatred..the communal forces have risen against the weak minorities,,,, u cowardsStand up against their activity ...
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