Parents, sisters dead, three-year-old the lone survivor

Police suspect that marital discord prompted man kill wife, two daughters before he committed suicide.

New Delhi | Published: February 26, 2014 3:15:44 am

Every night, the three-year-old girl would have a glass of milk, kiss her aunt and go to her parents’ house nearby to sleep. But on Sunday night, something held her back. She cried, refusing to go. “Mujhe taiji ke paas sona hai (I want to stay with my aunt),” she insisted, running to hide behind her aunt Rupa (32).

Rupa would take care of the three-year-old, play with her and support her whenever her elder sisters Yashika (6) and Nandini (9) bullied her.

Every night, Rupa would tell the child a story and manage to get her to go to her parents’ house to sleep.

The child would refuse, but the story would be the bait.

On Sunday night, there was no story. Rupa was unwell and kissed the child for the night before handing her over to her parents. But the child refused to go.

Perhaps this was sheer luck, as the next morning, her mother, sisters and father were dead.

Prima facie, police feel it was marital discord that led to Ravinder Kanojia killing his wife and daughters before committing suicide.

On Monday morning, when the three year old child woke up, she first called out to her mother. Rupa took her downstairs and watched her walk till her parents’ house to wake them up. The child called out to her mother and knocked at the door several times, but there was no response. She waddled her way back to the house as Rupa lifted her in her arms. The child then told her grandmother who in turn told one of her sons to check on them. When Ravinder’s brother went to check on them, he had to climb into the house through the window since there was no response. It was then that he discovered Neha and her two daughters lying in a pool of blood on the bed, an iron rod beside them. Upstairs, Ravinder was hanging by the ventilator.

“We are all here. We will take care of her. But she will always feel the absence of her parents. There will be questions which she will seek answers to. Where will we provide them from?” asked one of the child’s aunts, Mansha.

Police said the couple might have had a fight on Sunday evening. Police sources said Ravinder’s wife Neha suspected that he had been having an affair and that this might have been the cause for discord.

A senior police officer part of the investigations said that a post-mortem examination had been conducted Tuesday and the bodies handed over to the family for cremation.

“We haven’t been able to interact much with the family yet. They have told us that the couple were having regular fights, but have not given us anything concrete yet, to prove why the incident occurred. We are analysing the couple’s call detail records and have questioned a few neighbours in the area for some clues,” a senior police officer said.

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