Names missing on list, many turned away

An elderly couple comes out of the polling station after casting their votes in Lajpat Nagar. (Dipantar Borah) An elderly couple comes out of the polling station after casting their votes in Lajpat Nagar. (Dipantar Borah)

Since 1986, Grace Valson, an anaesthesiologist at the St Stephen’s College has been residing in the hospital staff quarters and voting regularly. On Thursday, however, as she accompanied her husband and principal of St Stephen’s College Valson Thampu to vote, she was shocked to find her name missing from the electoral roll.

Grace was one among many voters in Delhi who could not vote due to discrepancies in the electoral roll.

“Someone else’s name had been placed under my address and my election card number,” Grace said. “When we complained to the officials there, they said nothing could be done. Three or four other people in the line had a similar problem,” Thampu said.

Sixty-year-old Ram Katori, who live in Red Lines near Delhi University campus, too found her name missing from the rolls. She registered a complaint with volunteers at the booth and offered to submit her vote “in written”. “If I give you a letter saying I want to vote for Modiji and give it with my voter card number will you take it as a vote?” she said.

According to volunteers at the polling station in the School of Open learning, at least 50-60 people complained of missing names.

A BJP booth manager said, “There are several such complaints of missing names, but what can we do? We are not from the Election Commission.”

Missing names was a problem in other parts of the capital as well. “I got my voter card three months ago, but have been waiting for the last two hours to cast my vote, since my name is not in the list,” Lakshmi Devi, from Bawana, said.

In Rajinder Nagar, people with voter ID cards had not been given voter slips, which had led to a lot of confusion at polling booths.

“Many of them went back returned without voting because they got tired of being sent from one booth to another,’’ Anil Kumar, a resident of the area, said.

Another voter, Ganga, was not allowed to vote, despite her name figuring on the rolls. The reason: she wasn’t carrying her election card. “I am not being allowed inside even though I have my Aadhar card,” she said.