Mukhi calls AAP posters projecting him as CM ‘childish’

Jagdish Mukhi, on Monday, termed the campaign “childish”.

Written by Apurva | New Delhi | Published: December 16, 2014 9:51 am
Mukhi said he will take legal action against the AAP. (Source: Express photo by Ravi Kanojia) Mukhi said he will take legal action against the AAP. (Source: Express photo by Ravi Kanojia)

More than 3,500 Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) posters on auto-rickshaws that project Jagdish Mukhi as the BJP’s chief ministerial candidate has rankled the latter enough to contemplate legal action against the AAP. For more than two months now, the AAP posters have projected Mukhi as the BJP’s CM candidate against former Delhi CM and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal.

Mukhi, on Monday, termed the campaign “childish”. “I do not understand what they are up to. They have no right to use my photograph in their ad campaigns, which are frankly childish. People are laughing at Kejriwal and the AAP,” Mukhi said. He also said he would soon seek legal opinion on whether the AAP can be taken to court.

According to Mukhi, the BJP had clarified weeks ago that the Delhi campaign will rely on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “In the recently concluded Haryana and Maharashtra elections, the BJP won based on the work of PM Modi.

This is what we will do in Delhi as well. As campaign head in Haryana, the PM was gracious enough to address 11 rallies and I hope he will give Delhi the same consideration. There will be no CM candidate in Delhi,” Mukhi reiterated.

But for the AAP, their campaign hinges on “delinking” the Delhi elections from Modi. “Why should an election for a state concern the PM? What matters in Delhi is the chief minister. If Modi is so interested he should have contested state elections,” a senior leader said.

Sources in the AAP also said the ad campaign was aimed at holding the BJP to a higher standard. “For every election till date in Delhi, they have contested elections after naming a CM candidate but not this time. With this campaign either Mukhi would be named or the BJP would be forced to deny this and name somebody else,” the leader said.

Mukhi also questioned the AAP’s intentions. “If they project a battle between Kejriwal and me, then why does the AAP not name him as the candidate from Janakpuri, where I contest. Instead they have named the same candidate who lost in 2013,” Mukhi said.

According to the AAP, they zeroed in on Mukhi after the parliament elections in May.

“There were rumours that the BJP would form government after they won the LS elections. Then Mukhi claimed he could form government in Delhi within 72 hours. A month later, there was a social media campaign to name him the CM candidate. Also, when Lt-Governor Najeeb Jung sought views of parties before the Assembly was dissolved, Mukhi was authorised to speak on behalf of the Delhi BJP,” a senior AAP leader said.

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  1. A
    Dec 16, 2014 at 9:02 pm
    Mukhi is feeling the heat.And bjp is scared to project a candidate against Kejriwal.. Earlier they used to make fun of congress in guj, now they are tasting their own medicine.Good that Mukhi is challenging Kejriwal to contest from hos consuency but he shld also answer why Mr Modi didnt contest from RG's consuency when he challenged him
    1. I
      Dec 16, 2014 at 12:23 pm
      This shows frustrations and fear of AK against Modi.AK is so scared of Modi now that wants to create election between AK vs Mukhi and not AK vs Modi.By this, AK is already accepting that he is no match with Modi and can fight only against 2nd level leaders Mukhi or Upadyaya. And here too, he is not ready to fight against Mukhi in his consistency. Can AK fight against Mukhi like he did against Sheela Dixit? Then they were give reason that Mukhi is not CM like Dixit but would not able to explain than why AK fought against Modi (who was not PM then) in Varasani?AAP has its own logic to explain each things and believe that people are fool and would believe whatever AAP says..!AK is not serious player of politics and he is now hungry for CM post. Instead of blaming others, speaking negative about opposition, YOU WORK POSITIVELY AND SHOWS PEOPLE YOUR WORTH IF YOU WANT TO SUCCESSFUL IN POLITICS. Negativeness, agitation, false talk can gives you vote once but not again and again. Your work, your credibility, your honesty would make your public perception and it would only help you to win election or loose election.Work hard AK than such propaa if you want to remain in politics.
      1. G
        gaurav jindal
        Dec 16, 2014 at 2:21 pm
        Even Modi cannot save BJP in Delhi !! AAP will win by a big margin.
        1. M
          Dec 16, 2014 at 7:41 pm
          Well, if AAP is 'childish' why don't the BJP come out with their 'mature' idea of declaring their CM candidate?How can they contest election without a CM candidate? Will Modi leave the priministership and become the CM of Delhi? Stop fooling the public.
          1. S
            Sunanda S
            Dec 17, 2014 at 4:12 am
            In fact Mukhiji has no courage to fight election against C M candidate of Aam Aadmi Party.
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