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Delhi Metro fare hike hurts labourers the most, many switch to buses

Delhi Metro fare hike: Amid opposition from the Delhi government, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation on Tuesday went ahead with the fare hike as recommended by the fourth Fare Fixation Committee.

Written by Somya Lakhani | New Delhi | Updated: October 11, 2017 10:31 am
Delhi metro, Delhi metro fare hike, Delhi metro prices, Metro fare revision, Aam Admi Party, Government of Delhi, Delhi news, Indian Express Delhi Metro fare hike:  The second phase of the fare hike came into effect on Tuesday. (Express Photo/Tashi Tobgyal)

On Tuesday morning, 28-year-old Abdul Wajid — a labourer working at a cardboard boxes factory in Naraina — did not take the Metro to work. Nor did 35-year-old Brijmohan Tiwari, a security guard who lives in Janakpuri. It was the first day of the second phase of the Delhi Metro fare hike, in which the ticket prices went up by a maximum of Rs 10. So, the two took buses instead.

“I leave home at 9.30 am and take a Metro from Chawri Bazar to Shadipur, and then a bus from there to the factory. It takes me 50 minutes. Now, I have to take a bus and it will take me 90 minutes or more. But I can’t afford Metro anymore,” said Wajid, who earns Rs 10,000 a month. “Before May, when the first hike took place, a ticket cost Rs 15; after May it cost Rs 20, and now it is Rs 30.”

For Vicky, a 22-year-old resident of Khajuri, who polishes furniture, work takes him across the city, and the Metro is the obvious choice. “But now I hope I don’t have to travel far from home… Earlier I would spend Rs 27 from Kashmere Gate to HUDA City Centre, but now it’s Rs 60. I earn Rs 12,000 every month,” he said. What is fair in metro fares?

It’s the same for Tiwari, who is placed across Gurgaon, Noida, Connaught Place and Tilak Nagar, every few weeks. “With the Metro, I thought my standard of living had improved, but now I am back to taking buses. In May, I wanted to resign because I couldn’t afford the commute. I earn Rs 11,000 and spent Rs 1,300 on the Metro last month… this doesn’t include bus and auto fares.”

Amid opposition from the Delhi government, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation on Tuesday went ahead with the fare hike as recommended by the fourth Fare Fixation Committee. “Labourers are the worst hit. Our salaries are not increasing but the cost of living is constantly going up,” said 25-year-old Raja, who travels from Shadipur to Faridabad and now plans to resort to buses instead.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Commission for Women claimed that a survey conducted by it found that a hike in the Metro fare will compromise “women’s safety”. With a database of 2,516 women across 36 Metro stations in the city, it was found that the hike will force 68.68 per cent women to adopt less safe modes of transportation. It would would also create impact their household expenses, the survey found.

There was a demand for immediate rollback of the hike by 96.98 per cent of the women who were surveyed. “This fare hike is a draconian step by the Centre and a highly anti-women measure. At a time when six rapes and several cases of eve-teasing and harassment are reported each day, the fare hike has forced women to go back to less safe modes of transportation,” said DCW chief Swati Maliwal.

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  1. Ashok Major
    Dec 8, 2017 at 7:53 am
    Not everyone who is sufferring spends as you have suggested.When transportation is a major cost to get to work,you will resist taking up work beyond a few kms.Decreased mobility of workers will lead to shortage of workers in places.Work rates there would rise.There is a ripple effect.For travelling 10 kms one ends up paying 30 RS.3rs / km on a metro where you will only find standing space is Ridiculous !No where in the world will you find travel so expensive.Will Modi sarkar subsidise bullet train fares so as to get passengers.Fares will have to be kept lower than airfares to do that.Why did the metro change the fare slabs,before it was 8,10 and so on.Now it is in slabs of 10.Why ? Aren't we using Smart cards ?Fares could be taken down to 1 RS gaps, ex.2,3,4 etc.Mean trick that committee has done on Public is that even if you are travelling only 1 stop more,you end up paying for a fare 6 stops further.It is SIMILAR TO SWEET SHOP OWNER CHARGING YOU FOR 1.5 KG WHEN THE WEIGHT IS 1.1 Kg.
    1. Ashok Major
      Dec 8, 2017 at 6:59 am
      Why do you continue to vote for BJP which doesn't care about public problems. People need to reject Modi and his tamasha team.The metro fares have gone up 100 in a space of few months.I used to pay 16 for 10 km journey during peak hours .Now it costs me 30.The bus fare would cost 10 to 15.Ten if I get off a stop earlier.This works out to 3 RS /km.With ola advertising rates of 10, it would be cheaper for 3 to share. But this would increase road traffic,increase oil import bill,and more critically increase pollution.The fact is that this sarkar is filled with people who don't know the first thing about fixing fares.They have a myopic view and don't seem to realise that public will seek alternatives.Did the committee really think ridership would not be affected off peak hours the reduction is obvious.You now get a seat easily and at times you wonder if metro can afford to run a trip with so few people.A major problem now with fares is that going 1 more stop costs you 10 RS more.Loot !
      1. Vikas Choteyle
        Oct 12, 2017 at 4:26 am
        of... I don't who is control India. When you wish demonetization when you wish GST apply.. and now Delhi metro fare hike....... BC ghanta ki democracy Vote de k hamari hi fati padi h.......
        1. Kulmohan Singh
          Oct 11, 2017 at 12:52 pm
          There should be a minimum wage for labourers and security guards. It's not fair if they are unable to use metro now where they were able to use it previously.
          1. M
            MANOJ KUMAR
            Oct 11, 2017 at 12:03 pm
            All people supporting BJP for price hike in the name of progress, what would u say for GDP loss of 4 lakh crores, 1 lakh crores loan waiver to win election, increasing cost of PNG and CNG by 30 to benefit reliance I hope all these steps are fine as announced by great Modiji and BJP and give so called future long term benefits, God Save my India from bunch if fools, here truth is determined not by fact but by opinion and who is saying so
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