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Mercury shoots to 47.8°C, breaks 62-year record

Free water being distributed to passengers on Sunday. Free water being distributed to passengers on Sunday.
By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: June 9, 2014 4:08 pm

There was little respite from the continuing heat wave on Sunday as temperatures soared to its highest ever in 62 years in the capital. While Palam Met observatory recorded 47.8 degree Celsius, the Safdarjung observatory recorded 45.1 degree Celsius.

According to the Indian Metrological Department (IMD), no relief from the heat wave can be expected in the coming day, as predictions show that similar weather conditions will prevail. “Instead, the maximum temperature will hover around 45 degree Celsius on Monday as well. There will mainly be clear skies,” an IMD official said.

Sunday, which recorded 45.1 degree Celsius at the Safdarjung — five degrees above normal — was the hottest day in five years. The minimum temperature was 28.6 degrees Celsius — just a notch above the season’s average. The minimum temperature on Monday is expected to hover around 30 degrees, IMD officials said.

Conditions in Palam were worse on Sunday, where the maximum temperature recorded was a scorching 47.8 degrees Celsius, the highest since 1952 for the month of June. The minimum was 30.8 degree Celsius.

IMD officials said the record in Palam was broken after a rising temperature pattern during the day and the evening over last three days. “It was continuously recording high maximum temperatures since June 6 when it was 47.2 degrees C.On June 7, since winds were 15-25 km late noon onwards, the maximum temperature was restricted to 47 degrees C. But on Sunday, wind speed reduced, causing a spike,” an IMD official said.

The heat conditions also affected air traffic in Delhi. Sources in the IMD said in such conditions, the atmosphere was unstable and very light.

“The aircraft does not get thrust and high pressure to carry required weight and causes economical loss as they carry less cargo and baggage than in normal conditions,” an official said.

Source: Indian Meteorological Department

First Published on: June 9, 20143:04 am
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