Let’s rewind life by 17 years: Year — 1994,Day — December 14,Time — 2.58 pm.

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Let’s rewind life by 17 years: Year — 1994,Day — December 14,Time — 2.58 pm. On a that rare sunny day during the cold winters of Delhi,I came into this world and you gave me my life. I obviously can’t remember that day. But all I know is,the first person I could relate myself to is you. As far as I can remember my childhood,I see only you. You are my birth-giver,my protector and my best friend. And you have played all roles so well. As a best friend,you listen to all my problems and help me. You are my only best friend who has attended all my birthday parties (of course,dad also). Because I am 17 years old,people might say that I should be responsible enough to handle my problems but,even today,even if World War III sparks off,I would run to you only,because I know,only you will try to protect me. If I have to talk to dad,I approach you,because you convince him so well. Every prize I win and the smile I see on your face motivates me to achieve more. I never told this to anyone but I must confess to you that every morning,when everyone else in the house pray in front of God,as the first thing they want to see and start their day with is God,I secretly wait for you to come in front of me so i can see you and begin my day,because to me,you come before God. I didn’t know God or how to worship when I was born but I knew only you and you taught me to worship God and so I worship you. I fall short of words when it comes to you. But for now,I would just say that,I thank God for giving me the best mother in the world!


St Mark’s Sr Sec School,Meera Bagh

Who is a mother? She is one who has conceived,given birth and raised children through their own cultural and religious differences. A mother is gentle yet strong. A mother always shows you just how much she cares and always makes you feel she is completely yours. A mother is dependable source of comfort,a cushion when you fall,a constant supporter through tough decisions. On Mother’s Day I would love to tell my mother that Mom,whatever I am today is just because of you and only you. A famous saying goes like this “God cannot be everywhere. So he invented mothers.” You were the one who always gave me guidance whenever I found myself in a dark tunnel. Having a mother like you while growing up was the greatest gift and biggest advantage anyone could ever give me. It is the confidence and values that you instilled in me that made me who I am today. Thank you for shaping me into a person who I like and am proud to be. Thank you for your unwavering support throughout my journey. Thank you for telling me not to give up when I said I couldn’t do it anymore. My thanking you will never end as there are endless things that you have done for me. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.


The Indian School,Sadiq Nagar

God has created a mother because he cannot be everywhere. He created the most extraordinary person on this earth to work as his agent. To fill the space left by him and to take care of the welfare of thousands of souls,minds and bodies. Mother’s Day – a day which is very special to many of us,which signifies the importance of a mother in every one’s life. It’s a day when the bonding of a mother and child becomes stronger,when the sweet memories are relived again and again,year after year. A child is not complete without a mother. Similarly,a mother is incomplete without her child. No one on this earth can change the love between these two; they are tied once and forever. There are no boundaries and limits for a mother,when it comes to her child. The best part in a women’s life is motherhood where she sacrifices a lot and gets very little in return. It’s a selfless life but still every women enjoys it. People said it right. Behind every man there is a woman. We don’t realise her importance as she is around us every day. But ask those who are orphaned,those who don’t even have the golden chance to say the word “Mom”. We realise the importance of people when they are far away. You,my mother,may not be perfect but you are an all-rounder for me and I am privileged to have you standing by me always.

Snigdha Verma,IX-A

Abraham Lincoln has rightly said. “All I am,or hope to be,I owe to my angel mother.” For me — in fact,for anyone — to think of one nicest thing to say to our mothers on Mother’s Day would be very difficult. My mother is the only person whom I trust. She is the only one with whom I can share my secrets. A mother might get upset when we do wrong but she does not keep a record of the wrong we do. She forgives and forgets. A mother’s anger will turn to love in no time.I thank you Mom for always being there with me,for supporting all my decisions,correcting me when I go wrong and moreover,for loving me from the core of your being. You have always been there with me when no one else was. You were the first one to catch the first tear from my eyes. You were the one who was next to me when I was taking my first steps. You are the one who held my hands and taught me how to write. From the time of my birth till now,you have always been a part of every moment of my life. For me to recall every thing that you have done for me till now is surely very difficult. Just saying Thank You won’t be enough,but still Thank You,Mom for all the special things you have done for me. You are the Best part of my life. You are the best person I could have ever known. I love you.

Vatsalla khanna,XI-C

St Mary’s School,Dwarka

Even my life is too small to dedicate it to her,but still this article is dedicated to my best friend,my love,my first teacher,my stress buster,my life,my Mom.

Mummy,Momma,Mom,Maa,Amma,Mata,Mum,Bebe (in Punjabi),are words which mean the world to me. I have fought with you only to realise it was my mistake. You have scolded me only to make me realise that it was my mistake in the beginning. You have made me fat (with your delicacies) but still call me a “thinny”. You have sacrificed small joys of yours to make me happy. You make sure I catch my bus every morning. You have had sleepless nights because of my never-ending illnesses and still you don’t complain. You clean my room even if I don’t like it because you like cleanliness. I sometimes wonder what you are? A superwoman? A super-efficient time manager? No,you are this great kind of human being specially created to tolerate nasty children like me. Thank you for always being there on my side when I need you. Mumma,You gave me life and you have made it worth living. Happy Mother’s Day!

Rushil Batra,XII – C

Bal Bharati Public School ,Pitampura

The nicest thing I can say to my mother on Mother’s Day is,“Mom,happy Mother’s Day and thanks for all the love and care. I love you Mom.” It would just be like wishing my Mom on her birthday.

I feel very unusual when I covey my emotions or say any emotional sentence like “I love you Dad and Mom” to my parents and I don’t know why I feel like this. But at last,I would make myself comfortable and say these things to my mother straight from my heart and gift her a present which I would have made myself.

These nine to ten words don’t have just one meaning. My thanks to my mother for all those things she has done for me,the care and love she has given to me and the right path she had showed me,is far less and incomparable with any other thing in the world.

I think that I have learnt almost everything from my mother. She has taught me cursive writing and she did it so well that even now,I find it easier while playing cricket to hit slanting shots towards off-side. It also helps me because I get maximum runs by hitting slant shots.

At last the most difficult part to say — “I love you Mom”. After all the greetings and other stuff,I would just speak from my heart without thinking. And then,I would give a tight hug to her.

Mridul Manas,VII-B

Cambridge School,Indirapuram

I would not say that my mother is the best because she is too unique to compare. I would not say that my mother is a very good cook because the food is not as delightful as the feeling of eating it from her hands. I would not say that my mother is pretty because she is always beautiful. I would not say that my mother understands me because even before I tell her she gets to know what is going on in my mind.

I was once connected to you but for me the connection never broke because amazingly my pain reflects through your eyes,my happiness makes you smile brighter and my victory is what you boast about. Mumma,I love it when you come to check on me in the middle of the night when I am not well,I love it when you do my hair every morning and I love it when you cheer me up with your jokes. I love you and the last thing I would say to you is that my world would not have existed without you and it seems all the better with you around. Happy Mother’s Day!

Kanika Jain,XII-E

Bal Bharati Public School,Pitampura

She wakes up early in the morning and goes to bed after everyone has slept. She feeds her children first and then eats herself. she is our mother. The most expensive gift God has given us. The noblest creation of God. Mother,you are so kind. And we selfish children do not even express our gratitude towards you. My mother resides in my heart. Without her I am lifeless. She is in my soul. On Mother’s Day,I will wake up earlier than her and prepare a breakfast for her. It may not be too lavish,the bread may burn,the eggs may he hard-boiled,but mother,it is my love for you. I will buy her a necklace on this Mother’s Day from my pocket money which I have saved only for her. I will throw a bash and will call her friends and surprise her. I will give her the handmade card made with love and. At the end of the day,I will thank you Mom for everything. You are the best mother in the world and I will try to be the best daughter. I love you so much. I want you to be with me forever.

Sakshi kathuria,IX-A

The Indian School,Sadiq Nagar

If you don’t know something,Google it . If you don’t find someone,Facebook it. But if you don’t find something,cry out MOM!! Because some things never change.

July 27,1996,was the day I met the confidante of my life.It is usually said that God cannot be everywhere,therefore,He created mothers. Lucky are those who have the Almighty with them. Mothers are mothers. No one can take their place.I bow my head and fold my hands and thank Him for putting this beautiful lady in my life,my Mom. All I want my Mom to know is that she has always inspired me to be the best and I am blessed to have her as my mother. I will never be able to pay back all that she has done for me and continue doing. Mom,you truly are a blessing for me. I love you a lot. Happy Mother’s Day!

Yamini Kaushik,XI-C

St Mary’s School,Dwarka

Mother’s Day is a celebrated in all parts of the world. On this day,people express their love to their mothers and give them presents. I usually give my mother presents too,but this time,I would like to express my feelings too.

My mother means a lot to me. The love inside me cannot be expressed in words. It is just a feeling that cannot be expressed. Whenever she comes and hugs me,I feel her love in my heart. Whenever she scolds me,I feel the pain she got because of my act and I feel ashamed of myself. From the time I return from my school till the time I go to sleep,my mother makes me feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world. At the end of all this,as a small token of my love to my mother, I would like to say to her,I love you and thank you for everything in my life.

Shrishti Banerjee,IX-A

The Indian School,Sadiq Nagar

It is said that since God cannot be everywhere,He sent angels in the form of mothers,and I have always known that my mother is the best angel He sent. My mother’s love for me has been unconditional; she has always been there to share my joys and sorrows. Whenever I have felt the need for someone beside me,she’s been there,holding my hand to support me. I know that no one can love me as much she. After all that she has done for me with a smile on her face,even through difficult times,I know that I can never give her what she has given me. But Mother’s Day eve,I would simply thank her for all that she has done for me,tell her that she’s has always been my best friend and that I love her.

Seitu Chauhan,X-C

The Indian School,Sadiq Nagar

Mother’s Day is a occasion for many people to show their love,affection and appreciation for their mothers. It recognises mothers,motherhood and maternal bonds in general,as well the positive contributions they make towards the society. Sons and daughters give cards and gifts on this day to their mothers as a token of thanks and appreciation for whatever mothers do for them. Mother’s Day celebrations are said to have taken place first in the time of ancient Greeks and Romans hundreds of years ago. In the US,the efforts of Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis are greatly recognised for starting the tradition of Mother’s Day. Today,Mother’s Day is celebrated in 46 countries around the world though at different times in the month of May,mostly on the second Sunday,and in some countries it is celebrated at an entirely different time of the year.

Mothers are the best gift God has given us.

Ishani Khanna,VII

J.D Tytler School

“All that I am or hope to be I owe to my angel mother.”– Abraham Lincoln

The day I started to breathe and opened my eyes,you guided me through wrong and right. Mom,you held my hand and never left me alone. Thank you mother,for chasing away the frightening darkness and protecting me from all those cruel sights. On this Mother’s Day I just want you to know that you hold a place in my heart,a position so high that no one can reach. You are and will always be the most integral part of my life,and as it was said,“Youth fades; Love droops; The leaves of friendship fall. A mother’s love outlives them all.”

Madhurima Kashyap,X-A

The Indian School,Sadiq Nagar

Mother takes the place of God in the hearts of children. A mother is a true friend when trials,heavy and sudden,fall upon us. My mother is my bank where i can deposit all my worries,sorrows and happiness.

I know that I have been blessed to have her and her love. Her arms were always open when I needed a hug,her heart understood when I needed a friend. Her gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson and her strength has guided me and given me wings to fly.

She has been the wind behind my billowing sails. She has lent a patient ear to my tragic tales. Because a mother’s love is unending it starts before the seed is ever sown,and continues to bloom and blossom. But magically,it never grows old.

Shagun Matta,XI-B

Bal Bharati Public School,Pitampura

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