Five reasons that helped the ‘5 saal Kejriwal’ campaign

A mellowed Kejriwal led a very positive campaign, and the numbers are phenomenal.

Written by Wali Ahmad | New Delhi | Updated: February 11, 2015 1:09 am
Arvind Kejriwal celebrates winning of AAP Party with his wife and AAP leaders at Patel Nagar office in New Delhi on Tuesday. (Source: Express photo by Praveen Khanna) Arvind Kejriwal celebrates winning of AAP Party with his wife and AAP leaders at Patel Nagar office in New Delhi on Tuesday. (Source: Express photo by Praveen Khanna)

1. Arvind Kejriwal: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal has brought back his party, almost like a phoenix. After the disastrous Lok Sabha election, AAP’s Delhi victory in 2013 had started appearing like a fluke. The perception was that AAP is a party which chases the limelight only to be in news. Pushed to the corner, Kejriwal stood firm with an unshakable belief that Delhi is looking for a change. His charisma charmed the voters and he successfully convinced them that he is there for the long haul. A mellowed Kejriwal led a very positive campaign. And the numbers are phenomenal. BJP’s governance model didn’t cut ice with Delhi voters.

AAP, Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Polls

2. Kiran Bedi: The former IPS officer’s projection as chief ministerial candidate was a non-starter. A faction-ridden Delhi unit made its unease clear. Also, the way Bedi led the campaign proved to be beneficial for AAP. She promoted herself and her work as a police officer during her campaigns. No doubt, she is an excellent orator. But politics is a different ball game. Personality can’t supercede issues. She modelled herself as Modi and sought votes for development. But the voter had something else in mind. Her gaffes also worked in Kejriwal’s favour.

AAP, Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi polls

3. Strong cadre base: Ever since its debacle in the Lok Sabha elections, the AAP was hoping the Centre would call elections early in Delhi. The Centre’s delay, it seems, turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Kejriwal. AAP workers fanned out to the field laying the ground work for Kejriwal’s victory. A dedicated army of volunteers and a massive social media push changed the political landscape in Delhi. AAP demolished the perception that BJP can’t be defeated. And Kejriwal should be thankful to his workers who echoed the AAP chief’s slogan of clean politics.

4. BJP’s arrogance: After May 16 when Narendra Modi rode to power, a rejuvenated BJP scripted victories in three state polls. But soon complacency dawned in rank and file of the BJP. The arrogance was palpable.

5. Personal attacks against Kejriwal BJP leaders called Kejriwal a ‘chor’ and a ‘bhagora’, and even a Naxalite. Prime Minister Modi trashed him as no match for his persona. But the ground beneath was changing. And BJP failed to read the swell in AAP’s favour.

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  1. Anasuyas Shreesha
    Feb 10, 2015 at 8:40 pm
    Government servents donot like Modi I t is the reason
    1. A
      Anand Arya
      Feb 11, 2015 at 8:23 am
      Congratulations to the Winner and Commiserations the Looser. With Congress having made me - an ordinary, law abiding, honest citizen - sick to the core with Corruption and Non Governance, I had been looking forward to what Mr. Modi was promising through out his campaign. He started slowly and I was wondering in the initial stages of BJP Campaign why it was really not projecting itself as a National Party and that could make a Government on its own and not a 'coalition' that would again result in the mess that India was in. Then, came the talk of 300 and good governance and elimination of corruption. Mr. Modi, please learn and learn fast and do no delay delivery. Why do not you 'deliver now' what you can deliver ? Why have you not taken any action on Water Security for India by notifying, protecting and conserving Wetlands in India ? Mr. Modi, You lost Delhi on a critical issue of Water. Surely, you know that India has only 2% of World Fresh Water for a 15% of World Potion. Wetland Rules have existed from 2010. Wetlands should have been notified. Why have you not punished the Central Government Officials who have not delivered what they were supposed to ? Even after I drew your attention to this in September 2014 ? This is an example that is beginning to make your promises hollow. Mr. Modi, please start delivering. This would make us ordinary citizens believe that there is Government that Governs or you would go the Delhi way in 2019. I am still hopeful and you have my support. But, please deliver. The same for Mr. Kejriwal. Let us see delivery. Let me remind you. You issued the orders for Millennium Depot shifted from River Bed a year ago. Yet, the officials have not delivered on it despite a Court Order. Please punish the errant officials and thus set an example - what you want delivered, would be delivered. Let the officials beware that they have to find ways to deliver and not why the delivery cannot be made. One of your promises to Delhites is free water. You can. Provided, you harness the rain water in such a manner that the underground water is recharged and surface water is not contaminated. I have been writing to your predecessors and had written to you and your official during those 49 days how this was possible. Let me repeat the simple steps. One, make sure the River and its flood plains in Delhi (well defined whereas Mr. Modi has not yet taken this simple step of identifying the boundaries of rivers across India) are free of encroachment. Two, all the drains emptying in to Yamuna in Delhi are plugged and have one treatment plant on the discharge point (technology is now available, let Jal Board Officials find it by googling). Three, Let the rain water be held to the brim in the flood plains (this would make surface water available for consumption and not get run-off, recharge the ground water for extraction through the year, improve environment and also ensure elimination of encroachment). This is just an example. 'Do things simply" was the axiom drilled in to me by my Professors at IIM. You also have you path defined. Aim to be the National Party that would be the main opposition in 2019 and would be the Government in 2024. Slate is clean. Citizens are sick of caste, creed and religion based policy. You have shown it can be done on the agenda of needs. Make all the Laloos, Mulayams, Jayas, Mamtas and their like irrelevant. You have the making, clean slate and people support. Do not forget, Delhi is a Mini-India. Good Luck.
      1. A
        Feb 10, 2015 at 6:41 pm
        BJP से ज्यादा सीट तो टाटा नैना मे होती हैं. :P 5 saal kejriwal kejriwal
        1. B
          Balu balu
          Feb 10, 2015 at 6:13 pm
          It's BJP itself responsible though they what promises they are giving can not be met they kept on misleading the nation but ofcoruse it worked for some extent slowly people came to know the reality that factor pla a lot
          1. C
            Chander Dawar
            Feb 10, 2015 at 5:37 pm
            Add another factor to it which is jingle of Vishal Dadlani "5 Saal Kejriwal " and also Dance of Democracy.
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