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Curbing pollution: This is how the odd-even formula works in Delhi

The government will only allow emergency vehicles like PCR Van, Fire tenders, ambulance to run on roads in the national capital.

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: December 7, 2015 9:39 am
Delhi pollution, Delhi cars, even odd cars, delhi news The government will only allow emergency vehicles like PCR Van, Fire tenders, ambulance to run on roads in the national capital. (Express Photo by Praveen Khanna)

Outlining the plan for the even-odd number vehicle scheme to contain pollution, Health minister Satyendar Jain Sunday said cars with even number plates cars will ply on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday while odd number cars will ply on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. No decision has been taken yet for the plan on Sundays, said a senior government official.

Jain said anyone caught violating the rule will not be spared irrespective of designation or clout. He added that the penalty is yet to be decided.
“Only emergency vehicles such as fire tenders, PCR vans and ambulances will be allowed to ply (on all days). Private vehicles will have to abide by the rules,” said Jain.

Jain also said all ministers including the chief minister, bureaucrats and government officials will car pool.

Commenting on the chief minister’s statement of doing away with the scheme if people face problems, Jain said, “We need to save our children. To do that we have to find ways to reduce pollution. Arvind Kejriwal said he may discontinue the odd-even formula (if people face problems) as we too are learning. It is an important step if we have to reduce pollution. Pollution is reduced when cars are reduced.”

Jain said the government has 25 days to plan and prepare. “Starting January 1, you will see the results. We need people’s participation…. Everyone’s first reaction has been disbelief. It is only when people argue about the pros and cons that they realise the idea can work. At my home, my daughter was arguing with me. She asked how I could do this. Two days later, she said even if people face difficulty, it should be done. We are spreading awareness among people,” added the minister.

Jain said he has already taken to social media for ideas. “I have tweeted, asking people to come up with ideas to make the scheme successful. In half an hour I received more than 100 ideas. Few of them are path-breaking. We assure people that we will improve and increase public transport,” stated Jain.

He added that in the past few days, hospitals reported an increase of 40-50 per cent of patients with respiratory disorders.

“Earlier, infections would be cured in two or three days but now it takes more than 10 days,” said Jain.

“During winter, there is a lot of pollution and no circulation of air. As a result, a layer of smog has covered the atmosphere. People cannot live inside their houses all the time. We tell people to exercise, now we are asking them not to exercise. Such is the level of pollution,” added the health minister.

Meanwhile, transport minister Gopal Rai said the government will try to bring in 7,000 new buses. He also said the transport department has written to the Delhi Metro to increase frequency of trains and add more coaches.


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  1. Apoorv Anand
    Dec 7, 2015 at 9:05 am
    All is never fair people, try not to complaint and accept this solution for a few days and see the impact yourself, at least its better then your parents and children suffering in the hospitals which are themselves overcrowded. One can always opt for inconvenience than suffering. Long term solutions will take time and those too will require everyones support and coordination. Enjoy this change
    1. D
      Dec 7, 2015 at 10:28 am
      AK has no balls
      1. A
        Dec 7, 2015 at 5:25 am
        Wat abt ppl having night shifts...do they have any plans for them... Will they crack on corrupt autos n cabwalas who will charge a bomb n make merry... With no last mile connectivity to most of places n a bad bad public transport with overcharging autos n cabs they r just going to mess everything n thn blame ppl n centre for their misdeeds
        1. M
          Dec 7, 2015 at 9:19 am
          This is one more way to get Money from Aam Aadmi's pocket in Delhi
          1. K
            K SHESHU
            Dec 6, 2015 at 4:42 pm
            Suppose the politicians have two cars with odd number for one and even for the other, they can use both. Suppose the name plates can be 'doctored' businessmen can use! Suppose two ministers have two cars of different numbers, they can exchange cars! Kajrewal might have been goid at number theory! He is using all his IIT-brain on 'brain-less' ! The permutations and combinations will be out for use!
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