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Hospitals flooded with patients injured in accidents, brawls

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published on:March 19, 2014 4:27 am

City hospitals treated a significantly higher number of people at their emergencies on Holi compared to last year, mostly revellers injured in accidents and brawls. The AIIMS Trauma Centre alone reported 451 cases, three times more than its daily average and a significant jump from last year’s 300 cases.

“Every year, we attend to a large number of cases in the emergency on Holi, but this time the number was significantly higher and much higher than our daily average of 125-150 cases. Of 451 cases, 136 had been assaulted, and 22 were so critical they required intubation and had to be put on life support,” AIIMS spokesperson Dr Amit Gupta said.

Sixty-four people had suffered injuries in road accidents; 121 had severe injuries and about 280 had minor injuries. Last year, the AIIMS Trauma Centre treated 312 people, and in 2012, 347.

A team from the National Disaster Response Force, equipped with jet showers and tankers, assisted doctors in cleaning emergency patients of Holi colours, many of which contain contaminated substances.

About 250 cases were reported at the Lok Nayak hospital emergency, and around 150 cases came to RML hospital. Safdarjung hospital treated around 300 people in its emergency on Holi. “Head injuries and poly trauma cases were referred to the AIIMS Trauma Centre. But, we treated 300 patients, about 100 more than last year. There were several cases of people having fallen from heights and injuries sustained in assaults,” a senior official at Safdarjung hospital said.

GTB hospital treated around 200 patients. “The majority of the cases were of blunt trauma from scuffles on the road,” a doctor at the emergency said. DDU hospital reported 200 cases.

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