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Educationist Ashok Agarwal resigns from AAP, says party promoting ‘elite individuals’

The movement seems to have become directionless, Agarwal said in a strong worded letter to Kejriwal.

New Delhi | Updated: March 11, 2014 12:58 pm

Educationist and child rights lawyer Ashok Agarwal resigned from the Aam AAdmi Party on Tuesday, saying – ironically, the party worked like a “private limited company” with an aim to promote “elite individuals.”

Agarwal, a lawyer distinguished by his legal battles for primary education to children from disadvantaged groups and the disabled, sent his resignation to former Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is the National Convenor of AAP.

In his strongly worded letter, Agarwal wrote: “Lately, things seem to have changed and the objectives for which it was created are getting lost. The movement seems to have become directionless, causing doubts in the mind of people and even in those like me who are feeling that the party is functioning like a private limited company.”

The letter adds: “The connect with ‘aam aadmi’ is on the wean and a group of elite individuals is promoted to take over the party. Aam aadmi vision has taken a backseat and what is on the mind of such individuals is personal projection at the cost of that very aam aadmi vision.”

Speaking to Indian Express, Agarwal said that the trigger to take this step was the contentious manner in which the party decided to distribute tickets for the general elections.

“Those in decision-making authority are non-responsive and discourteous. The primary concern seems to have become hit headlines and endorse elite personalities. This is in stark contrast to what the AAP really wanted to stand for,” he said.

Agarwal is known for his indefatigable fighs for good schooling for the national capital’s poor and powerless. His PILs through ‘Social Jurist’ — a lawyers’ collective set up by Agarwal, has brought about changes in admission irregularities, the abysmal lack of basic amenities, and dereliction of duty by teachers and principals in state-run schools.

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  1. V
    Mar 6, 2015 at 7:17 am
    To run a party in a manner as suggested by most of the channels ie by democratic way in Indian politics is very difficult.Partys all over the world are very centric . One man calls the shot whether its USA, Russia , uk. or Germany . Its not new in India, .So why hue and cry.Wihout money power its difficult to survive in India where black money plays a huge role. All know it . To run a Political party dicipline and partys code of conduct should be maintained t the core. This is what has happend in AAP.Shanti Bhusan, Prashant Bhusan Yadav now Manayak hi have all broken code of conduct and disciplinary action has to be taken,.So they are out of the PAC. They are now calling it a foul and airing somethings which an organisation can surely adhere to but what about the damage done through indisipline. So out they go
    1. D
      Dipti Verma
      Mar 11, 2014 at 12:00 pm
      AAP is the most corrupt party in India. this party is full of ambitious people who are hungry for power and money. soon all the honest people will leave this party and this party will be left with only greedy leaders.