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Eco Hons most sought after with 1.6 lakh applicants

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published on:June 21, 2014 2:01 am

With close to 1.6 lakh students applying for a few thousand seats, Economics Honours remains the most sought- after course at Delhi University, followed by Computer Science (1,02,086) and History (99,895) Honours.

Maths and commerce have also made it to the list of popular subject choices, with more than 90,000 students applying for each course.

With the conclusion of this year’s pre-admission process, DU released statistics of applications, both subject- and state-wise.

Interestingly, French has found more takers than English this year, with 75,356 students opting for the former, compared to just 58,201 for the latter. BTech in Forensic Sciences, a subject which has been introduced this year by DU (and is still pending approval of the academic council), has received over 26,059 applications for 30-40 seats that the university is offering.

A large number of students has also applied for journalism, with 85,950 students applying for journalism in hindi and 82,999 applying for Journalism and Mass Communication. Anthropology, offered only at Hansraj, has received 20,000 applications.

Many students have also applied for science courses like chemistry (87,806), physics (51,016) and botany (30,253). Geology (80,898) and Sanskrit (78, 135) also found a high number of takers. Of the 2,70,000 applicants this year, around 2,07,933 studied under the CBSE.

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