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EC continues to prune rolls,identifies 2 lakh duplicate voters on city’s borders

Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published on:June 8, 2013 12:57 am

Around 2 lakh ‘bogus’ voters on Delhi’s electoral roll live in constituencies near Delhi’s borders with Haryana and Uttar Pradesh,the Delhi State Election Commission announced on Friday. These people,with election cards from both states,have led to an inflated electoral roll.

At other points,the same electoral roll has been deflated due to a skewed gender ratio,with five Assembly constituencies reporting 60-70 per cent women voters.

Before announcing the last round of summary revision of Delhi electoral roll,the EC on Friday spoke of the measures taken to prune it.

While the last published electoral list was inflated,at 1.23 crore voters against the Census figures of 1.15 crore voters,the current figures have shown that there are 34,500 duplicate voters in constituencies on the UP border,and 1.6 lakh duplicate voters on the Haryana border. The figures do not include constituencies neighbouring Haryana.

“We had done a survey across all constituencies bordering Delhi and UP. Having run the data of all bordering constituencies with the help of State Election Commissions of these two states on our new software,we have detected many probable duplicates. They will finally be deleted from the election roll after further field verification of individual voters,” Chief Electoral Officer Vijay Dev told Newsline.

Five polling stations — Tughlakabad,Sangam Vihar,Okhla,Chhattarpur and Badarpur — have shown a dismal gender ratio of women voters. Tughlakabad has 77,612 men voters,against 49,701 women. In Sangam Vihar,there are 83,070 men voters against 55,528 women. Okhla has 1,18,471 registered men voters against 79,534 women; Chhattarpur has 97,057 men voters against 67,947 women; and Badarpur has 1,15,204 men voters against 81,563 women.

After a house-to-house survey,12,06,922 of the 13,85,970 voters identified in the “shifted” category have been removed; 26,686 of the 36,205 bogus voters identified as “replicated” have been deleted; and 1.25 lakh people who have died have been removed from the current electoral roll.

“Through the use of software and field verifications,55,511 duplicate entries have been removed. Of the 7.7 lakh electoral cards without photo of the voters,only 2.29 lakh remain to be rectified. Delhi will go to polls with zero non-image voters this time,and we have sought help from the political parties on this,” Dev said.

In the last round of summary revision,the EC will concentrate on adding voters in the deflated categories,particularly women and youth. “Special camps will be set in areas were gender ratio is poor,with particular effort towards enrolling more women. Camps will also set up in schools and colleges to enrol students,and the principals of these institutions will give us in writing after enrolment is 100 per cent,” Dev said.

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