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DU goofs up, data on courses changes overnight on website

admi-L Applications to DU closed on June 16. First cut-off list is likely to come out on June 24. (Source: Express photo)
Written by Shikha Sharma | New Delhi | Published on:June 22, 2014 2:27 am

Delhi University’s move to make pre-admission data accessible on its website may have been  well-intentioned, but not well thought out. In a major embarrassment to DU, it seems that all subject-choice related data posted by the university on its website was incorrect.

According to data posted by DU on Friday, Economic Honours was the most sought-after course with around 1.58 lakh applications followed by computer science (1,02,086), history (99,895), maths (95276) and commerce (93,992).

But the popular subject choices seem to have changed overnight with most students now applying for English Honours (1,58 lakh) followed by economics (1,02,806), maths (99, 895), political science (95,276) and chemistry ( 93892).

French which was the most preferred language with 75,356 students till Friday seems to have lost its edge to Hindi overnight.

Language courses, which were all the rage among students until Friday, according to DU, witnessed a sharp decline in the latest figures with no foreign language getting over 35,000 applicants.

Languages like Urdu, Arabic, Persian and Punjabi, in fact, figure in the list of least preferred courses.

Sanskrit (Honours), which usually commands a percentage of about 65 per cent in some of the best colleges, had 78,135 applications until Friday. This suddenly dropped by over 60,000 applications to just 16,000 students opting for the course, according to the new data.

Number of applicants applying for forensic science rose from 26,000 to 46,000 in a single day. When asked about the change, DU officials cited “manual error in uploading data” and “haste on the part of the employees’ concerned” as probable reasons for the bungle.

The process of online and offline applications for the 54,000 undergraduate seats started on June 2 and went on till June 16. First cut-off list is expected on June 24.

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