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Drunk passengers will not be allowed inside Delhi Metro: CISF

CISF plans to avoid drunk passengers to get onboard the Delhi Metro. CISF plans to avoid drunk passengers to get onboard the Delhi Metro.
By: Press Trust of India | New Delhi | Published on:March 8, 2014 7:18 pm

CISF today made it clear that it will not allow drunk passengers who are “totally out of their senses” to travel in Delhi Metro trains. While rejecting suggestions that by refusing absolutely drunk passengers on the Metro, it was encouraging drunken driving, CISF chief Arvind Ranjan said commuters, who have an aid or a friend with them or who are “moderately or safely drunk” will not be restricted from travelling in Delhi Metro.

“We are absolutely clear on our policy of not allowing a category of passengers who consume alcohol to board the Delhi Metro. Someone who is completely out of his or her senses will not be allowed as they can be harmful to themselves and also
to their co-passengers,” Ranjan said when asked by reporters to spell out the forces’ policy on the subject.

But anyone, who has a friend with him or her and if he or she is drunk, has always been allowed to travel and that will
be the norm in the future too, he said. “Our personnel are trained in passenger profiling and once they decide that a drunk passenger is safe to travel in Delhi Metro, he or she is always allowed to proceed further after security checks,” he said.

Officials securing Delhi Metro said there have been instances where drunk passengers have got into brawl with passengers and even tried to risk themselves by jumping on the tracks. Concerns had been raised by security agencies like Delhi
Police in the past that if people who consume alcohol are not allowed to take a Metro home, they will become victims of
drunken driving, which is not only a threat to themselves but also people travelling on road.

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