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Domestic help beaten: Another help at same home claims her salary was delayed

“I used to live in Barola village earlier and work as a domestic help in Noida's Sector 50. We moved here around six months ago,” said Zohra, who lives with her husband, Abdul Sattar, and children aged between 5 and 13, a kilometre away from the society.

Written by Aditi Vatsa | Noida | Published: July 13, 2017 4:30 am
domestic help beaten, noida domestic help beaten, mahagun morderne maid beaten, maid beaten, noida sector 78 protest, maid protest, indian express news, delhi news Police clash with protesters in Noida’s Sector 78, Wednesday. Around 100-150 people hurled stones at Mahagun Moderne society over the ‘disappearance’ of domestic help Zohra Bibi. Express photo by Gajendra Yadav

On Tuesday evening, Mamata Bibi was supposed to reach Mahagun Moderne society by 5 pm and collect her salary from flat number 012. “But it started raining so I decided not to go. Zohra still went ahead,” Mamata said.

While Mamata used to cook for Mitul Sethi and his wife Harshu, 26-year-old Zohra Bibi would clean the house.

A mother of three, Zohra hails from Binhata area of Cooch Behar in north Bengal and has lived in Noida for more than a decade.

“I used to live in Barola village earlier and work as a domestic help in Noida’s Sector 50. We moved here around six months ago,” said Zohra, who lives with her husband, Abdul Sattar, and children aged between 5 and 13, a kilometre away from the society.

For nearly four months, Zohra worked for the Sethis for Rs 6,000 a month. She also worked at six other households in the society. On Tuesday morning, too, both Mamata and Zohra had worked at the flat.

“I reached around 8 am and madam was angry because I was late. She was shouting at me and then started hurling abuses at both of us. When we asked her about our salary, which has been due for two months, she asked us to come in the evening and collect it. She said she had to go to work and we had already delayed her,” claimed Mamata.

Zohra said ‘madam’ had told her she will be fired.

“She told me to collect my money in the evening and not bother coming back. When I reached around 5 pm, I did some work before she accused me of stealing. She started hitting me. I do not remember much of what happened after that… I later managed to flee and hide somewhere,” Zohra alleged.

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  1. D
    Jul 13, 2017 at 9:11 pm
    Dear bleeding heart liberal, please do your profession a favour and bother to do proper investigative work before filing a report. I know in this day an age of 24 hour news, journalists are under the pressure to produce reports asap. However, shoddy and lazy work does not have a place anywhere. HT has done a better job of reporting this 'incident'. The lady in question stole money from the family. Medical checkup has shown there were no signs of abuse on her. I could link the HT article if it will help you.
    1. A
      Jul 13, 2017 at 3:23 pm
      Although the report above does not mention the ry,elsewhere it has been said that she was paid 6000rs for 2 visits per day for cleaning.The reporter in fact says she is paid a " measley ry of 6000rs".I just wonder how much the reporter herself is paid.If she were to analyse the workers per hourly rate she may find her own ry to be lower.These cleaning women spend less than half an hour to superficially clean s small flat overloaded with furniture.So most probably she only worked in the flat for 40 to 60 mins /day.Shop keeper assistants are still paid 6000 for full days work pared to them domestics still make a decent wage.Not everyone in middle class is earning over a lakh!Only govt servants are paid very well,otherwise even doctors don't make as much as they should.People who vandalised should be booked and politicians should stay away.Middle class should note whoever tries to take advantage for votes. the middle class don't have any political base becase we don't vote
      1. B
        Jul 13, 2017 at 2:50 pm
        Please give appointment to Hindu compliant Maid servants only. Do not engage with the Bangladeshis as they will gang up and even kill the police officer who will come to protect you. They are radicalised Muslims like Rohingyas hiding within them. Bangladeshis take a lot of information about you and pass on to their lords... They have local politicians patronage as they are a vote bank .... The reason to pick up a fight could be as flimsy as water from your flower pot falling on them... Or Hindu religious symbols and idols in your house .... Small petty crimes are not noticed by the police and soon they will manifest into a large slum behind your building and a local political flag flying outside .... Do not employ people from foreign especially Bengali speaking Muslims. Only appoint people from local state with a formal address and police verification ...
        1. D
          Jul 13, 2017 at 2:40 pm
          Pre ss ti tut es willl never say that these bangldeshis attacked Hindus. Wanted to rape and kill them.
          1. L
            Jul 13, 2017 at 1:03 pm
            Criminal Bangladeshis domestic helps are playing victim hood card. This lady Aditi is well paid.Now Domestic helps are playing victimhood card.
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