Delhi Underground: Clueless constable

The RSS is seemingly upset about how BJP leaders and party supporters have been spending a lot money to reward and honour party workers.

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published on:June 9, 2014 3:20 am

When activist Irom Sharmila was produced in court last week, she was accompanied by heavy security including personnel from the Manipur Police, the CRPF and the Delhi Police. After the first half of the hearing, Sharmila, who has been on a fast for the last 14 years, was made to sit on a chair outside the court room to await her turn till the hearing resumed. Since it was a hot day, those accompanying Sharmila began to fan her. A head constable, however, went a step further and ordered his junior to bring her a bottle of water. “Bisleri lao aur madam ko paani pilao” he said. Those around him shot him a nasty look while others simply glared. A constable pulled him aside and told him that Sharmila had not had water or food for the last 14 years.

Too much to track

The level of turmoil within the AAP is proving difficult for party members to keep track of. When mediapersons called party leaders regarding a purported communication between Yogendra Yadav and Manish Sisodia, several party leaders seemed confused. They even asked the reporters exactly which letter they were talking about. One leader, when contacted for his take on the war of words between Sisodia and Yadav, said, “Please read out the letter you have. I don’t want to comment on the wrong one.”

On their toes

While Smriti Irani might have been in the headlines for her educational qualifications, it was her impromptu trip to ministry offices at Shastri Bhawan which really made a difference. Cleaning teams, which an official described as ‘rare at best’ in the past, have become a common facet of every day life at the ministry. An official said, “It’s perhaps because of the possibility of surprise visits. It is not very common for a Minister to come here. At least the cleaning team has been shocked out of their sarkari apathy.”

Waste of money

The RSS is seemingly upset about how BJP leaders and party supporters have been spending a lot money to reward and honour party workers for their hard work during the polls. The leaders have been constantly enquiring about the money that has been spent on organising elaborate functions and buying gifts. “Though there is nothing wrong in rewarding the workers who have worked hard during the elections, these functions are a waste. Often, the same set of people turn up for the functions to collect the rewards. That defeats the purpose of the whole exercise,” a senior RSS leader said.

Smart reward

As an incentive for good work, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation gave away smartphones to its safai karamcharis this week. The “award” was given for their “outstanding performance in desilting work”. Considered the backbone of the municipal corporations, the karamcharis were awarded mobile phones for the first time. However, while providing the incentive, the Chairman of the standing committee also reminded everyone that those who do not perform their duties will be punished.

Fighting the heat

Traffic police personnel deployed on junctions and intersections have devised …continued »

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