VIDEO | Delhi traffic constable hits woman with a brick, dismissed and arrested

The daughter of the victim said she had called up the police control room to lodge a complaint about the incident.

By: Press Trust of India Written by Mahender Singh Manral | New Delhi | Published:May 12, 2015 12:24 pm
costable attacks woman, delhi constable The video clip showed the woman picking up a brick and hurling it at the policeman’s bike while the constable was seen attacking her back with another brick. (Source: Express)

A Delhi Traffic Police head constable was arrested and dismissed from service Monday after he threw a brick at a woman he had stopped for an alleged traffic violation. A passerby, who was in a car, recorded the incident, which then went viral forcing the Delhi Police to take immediate action against the policeman.


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The 15-second video clip shows the woman, Ramanjeet Kaur, picking up a brick and hurling it at head constable Satish Chand’s motorcycle. The latter immediately retaliates by throwing a brick at her. Kaur was with her three daughters, who witnessed the incident.

“On behalf of myself and the Delhi Police, I want to express my regret. The head constable has already been suspended. Apart from that, I have ordered that a criminal case be registered. We will investigate the matter,” Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi said hours after the incident.

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Late on Monday evening, Chand was dismissed from service and booked under Sections 385, 323 and 341 of the Indian Penal Code for extortion, causing hurt and wrongful restraint.

Kaur’s daughter Yamini said her mother was injured in the attack. “My mother sustained injuries on her hand and back. The attack has fractured her hand,” said the daughter. The victim was taken to RML hospital by police and she later gave a statement to the investigators at Tuglak Road police station.

Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Muktesh Chander told The Indian Express that Chand has been dismissed from service with immediate effect. “We regret such a shameful act has been committed by a traffic policeman,” he added.

delhi-cop-brick-victim-759 Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Muktesh Chander told The Indian Express that Chand has been dismissed from service with immediate effect.

Narrating her ordeal, 30-year-old Kaur said she was heading towards her house in Ashram when she was stopped by Chand at a traffic signal in Golf Links. “I was on my Scooty with my three daughters after attending a parent-teacher meeting at Guru Harkrishan Public School. After stopping me, he alleged that I had jumped a red-light and asked for my registration papers along with licence,” she said.

Kaur said Chand then shouted at her and said he would issue a challan. “Initially I apologised for my mistake and asked him to forgive me, but he then started abusing me and said all women just apologise after they have been caught,” Kaur said.

“I asked him to note down the details of my vehicle and send the challan through the court to my house. He then calmed down and suggested that I pay Rs 200 cash and go away. But he got rattled after I asked him to give a receipt. He started to verbally abuse me in front of my daughters and took away my vehicle’s keys. When I protested, he attacked me with a brick and threw a brick at the scooty. I also picked up the stone and hit his bike,” she added.

Yamini also made a PCR call. “Uncle kept asking for Rs 200 while my mother insisted on a receipt. When she tried to drive, uncle took away the keys of the bike and threw a brick at the scooty. My mother too picked up the stone and hit his bike. He abused her and twisted her arm. Then he hit her with a brick,” she added.

Joint Commissioner of Police (New Delhi Range) M K Meena said that Chand has been arrested and is being questioned at the Tughlak Road police station.

Delhi Home Minister Satyendar Jain said, “The traffic cop should be arrested immediately. The barbaric face of Delhi Police has been exposed.”

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  1. F
    Far away
    May 12, 2015 at 1:25 pm
    Policeman took money, then issued no reciept.. when the lady asked for reciept she was abused by the policeman. Then the policeman took her scooty keys... so what can a lady do to protect herself from abuse and humiliation.. policeman is not going to give scooty keys back.. so frustated lady throws brick at police bike (did not throw brick at policeman).. so the cop throws brick at the lady and injures her.. clearly its policeman is responsible ... let the law take its course.. those writting comments supporting policeman need to deal with police as a lady and then comment....
    1. A
      May 11, 2015 at 10:21 pm
      She rides triple, breaks a red light and throws a brick at an on duty in uniform police man. And that's all alright?! How? How in Gods name?
    2. T
      May 12, 2015 at 1:29 pm
      Constable Satish Chand is just one of them and he is dismissed as this happened in Delhi because he didnot have any god father and AAP Govt in Delhi is in logger head with Delhi Police. In any other state criminals in Police Uniform would have even killed the by stander who filmed the event. Media forgot last year PSO and U.P.Policemen attached to U.P.CM Akhilesh family in Delhi, aulted a medical shop staff inside the shop and CNN IBN aired the video but subsequently there is no update as to whether the U.P. got arrested for goondaism in Delhi.
      1. A
        Abhijit Sen
        May 11, 2015 at 11:17 pm
        The woman was first to hit the policeman with a brick. She should be arrested.
      2. V
        Virendra Sason
        May 11, 2015 at 9:59 pm
        What type of frustration, Police Head Constable feel? He try to kill the woman with stone for merely few Rupees. Perhaps top officers pressure invite such trouble.
        1. A
          May 12, 2015 at 9:17 pm
          Response of the child nearby is very much disturbing.Brave heart ,gifted to her Mother on 12 th May 2015 by spontaneous jumping to help her mother.GOD SAVE INDIA.
          1. I
            May 12, 2015 at 5:46 pm
            Mr. Jha I am sorry to say that the insensitive comment by you support crime against women. It may be possible that you or your family member may be in police but the behavior of corrupt constable is not well as we all know we cannot take law in our hand, even a police manual will give permission to fire below knee even against armed criminals. But this men hit brick in the back of a lady & twisted her arm it is very shameful for entire police force. As per the law this constable can send a High value challan to the women for breaking traffic rule, instead of asking money in bribe. Such type of persons are dangerous for our society.
          2. T
            TwoGboforssonia Coal
            May 13, 2015 at 8:00 am
            Policemen inspectors t commissioners are hand in glove for corruption. Collection of bribes go up the ladder up to the minister in all states. At Bangalore that has no proper roads, signals, footpath, always traffic jams, traffic cops makes more money like IT fellows. They hide near Lifestyle in Koramangala, where a no U turn sign is hidden by a tree, to collect Rs 100 from car drivers. Pune traffic cops bribe collection is open, from public, footpath sellers. Pune driving schools are run by proxy by policemen and have touts to collect bribes from driving liscene seekers. Once with hazard light and with other occupants in car, a vehicle was stopped but the traffic cop in the car towing vehicle collected forcibly Rs 200 for not towing the vehicle. After commissioner intervened the traffic cop returned the money as the car owner was a senior person from the Govt department. Chennai traffic police wait in Anna nagar, for collecting bribe. Free food at Saravana hotel is given for allowing double parkin in front of Saravana hotels and they sent tiffin to the commissioner as well. As per the waiters in the hotel. Saravana owner who was inside the jail for murdering one of his staff for not giving the workers wife to him, was spending daily Rs 20000 on the traffic policemen operating all over Chennai. Traffic policemen are worse than dacoits and goons. In Hyderabad traffic cops printed fake traffic violation receipts and collected money. In Delhi the newspapers have reported that a retired head constable of Rajouri garden police station, Ram Singh Joon who is now emplo by Proman Securitech Pvt. Ltd had organized breaking in a villa while the owner was abroad and planted five families, in the NCR area. with the help of a sub inspector and other policemen still in service, for which police complaints have been registed with Delhi police commissioner and the private security firm, but nothing was done on this case. Strangely KPS Gill is the patron of this private security firm Proman Securitech Pvt that is used by many firms in National capital region and one can only imagine the way these private security firm thieves gives protection to some housing complexes or offices. Time to windup Indian police force created by British invaders. We should replace it with a form of civilized social policemen. Thank God, this traffic cop did not rape the woman as this incident took place on a public road and because of the media coverage, he is dismissed. Indians should thank the mobile video camera by a good citizen who recorded this incident.
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