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Court acquits youth of ‘kidnapping and raping’ his cousin

Written by Shalini Narayan | New Delhi | Published on:May 1, 2014 3:35 am

A Delhi court acquitted a youth of charges of kidnapping and raping his cousin, noting that the cousin was voluntarily staying with him as his wife and was a “consenting” party to the sexual relations.

Acquitting the youth, a resident of Uttar Pradesh, the court of Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat said, “I find that there is overwhelming evidence on record to suggest that the girl had accompanied the accused on her own will, was staying voluntarily with him as his wife at various places including Lucknow and was a consenting party to the sexual intercourse with him.”

The court also freed the youth’s sister and her husband of the charges under Sections 344 (wrongfully confining for three or more days), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 34 (common intention) of the IPC.

The court noted that there was lack of clinching evidence to suggest that the girl had been forced to marry the youth. According to police, the girl was kidnapped by her cousin on December 9, 2010, from her house in Delhi, where she was staying with her brothers. Police claimed that the youth had then taken her to his native village in Lucknow.

“With the help of his sister and her husband, the youth forcefully married her and repeatedly raped her,” the prosecution had told the court.
The girl’s brother located her in Lucknow and brought her back. Thereafter, they informed police.

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