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Congress, BJP on same page: AAP going on dharnas to find an escape route

Delhi units of the Congress and BJP came together, to accuse Arvind Kejriwal and AAP government of spreading lawlessness in the city.

New Delhi | Published: January 21, 2014 2:53 am

The Delhi units of the Congress and the BJP came together, for a change, to accuse Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party government of spreading lawlessness in the city.

While Congress, which provides outside support to the AAP, claimed that the situation under the Kejriwal government reminded them of British rule and “the Rowlatt Act being enacted without making any declaration”, leader of Opposition Harsh Vardhan called Kejriwal an “anarchist who wants to run government from the streets”.

“Under the Rowlatt Act, the British used to make their own rules and break them at will and no one could appeal against such acts,” Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee (DPCC) chief Arvinder Singh Lovely said.

Lovely, along with Congress legislature party leader Haroon Yusuf and former MLA Mukesh Sharma, claimed that Kejriwal had broken all rules and was sitting on a dharna to “hide his own inefficacy”.

“Kejriwal is acting like a dictator and making fun of democratic institutions,” Lovely said.

And Harsh Vardhan claimed, “They have their eyes on Lok Sabha polls and after getting 28 seats in Delhi they know they cannot fulfil what they promised people. They are finding ways to be out of the government so that they will blame their deceit on others.”

The BJP leader also requested L-G to take cognisance of the “anarchist methods of governance by the newly appointed government”.

Speaking of Kejriwal’s appeal to the Delhi Police to shun their duty and join the AAP, Harsh Vardhan said, “How could someone who holds a public office appeal to other public servants involved in sensitive duties risking law and order of the city. He has been taking help of cheap publicity and gimmicks since his oath ceremony.”

“Kejriwal is Mr U-Turn. He has taken an aboutturn on every promise. Now, with an eye on 2014 Lok Sabha polls, he has left the governance on backburner and is doing political acrobatics,” Delhi BJP president Vijay Goel said.

Harsh Vardhan further blamed the AAP government for the inconvenience that the dharna had caused to the people of Delhi. “Four Metro stations have been put into restricted zone and people faced massive traffic,” he said.

Meanhwile, Congress claimed that the AAP government had insulted the people of Delhi by “making fun of the government”. But, the leaders assured that the Congress would not permit the AAP to indulge in drama to divert the attention from the problems of Delhi.

The leaders said “it was very surprising” that the government was trying to justify its own minister who was guilty, adding that they would continue with their demonstrations till Law Minister Somnath Bharti was arrested.

Harsh Vardhan too criticised the AAP government for not “having a humanist approach” towards women from other countries.

Meanwhile, demanding Bharti’s arrest, members of the Delhi Pradesh Mahila Congress and other women’s organisations held a demonstration in front of the Police Headquarters.

The demonstration was led by Delhi Mahila Congress president Onika Mehrotra and former minister Kiran Walia, among others.

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  1. M
    Mera Mera
    Jan 21, 2014 at 3:13 am
    Shame on India that our government is nothing to clean police force.Bravo AAP !! At least we have a govt who is protesting on law and order problem in Delhi and going to all extent instead of sitting on AC room.BJP and Congress are just making excuse to hide the real issue of law and order problem in Delhi. Center doesn't want to give control of Police as that is their important source for easy money.I highly appreciate AAP to take on this nexus of congress and delhi police. It is unfortunate that Delhi is called Rape Capital.AAP rocks and at least they are trying to bring police corruption issue to fore. I know all powerful lobbies (Congress, BJP, Industrialists and some section of media) will try to defame them however Aam aadmi knows how corrupt is delhi police and they will support AAP.AAP will come with flying colors in Lok Sabha ...Jai Hind
    1. S
      sur pars
      Jan 22, 2014 at 3:36 am
      I see many anti AAP readers saying AAP is a party of anarchy well we must remember even our founding freedom fighters were to a large extent anarchists including hi, Bhaghat Singh and Subhash Chandra Bose.It was there efforts that freed us from the clutches of foreign domination.We need AAP to free us from our own corrupt people and system who are dominating the ordinary people.It is a shame that people of Delhi today are not able to sacrifice a bit of inconveninec to let the AAP succeed which pales in comparison to what our people sacrificed to free us from the British.I say shame on Delhiites for not understanding that chaos are an essential feature of change and verence is the price but the media and the people are so weak that they are playing into the hand of the old thieves who do not want to lose their domination.