Congress, BJP nominees in Gurgaon have more assets than declared, claims AAP

Yogendra Yadav campaigns in Gurgaon. (Photo: Express) Yogendra Yadav campaigns in Gurgaon. (Photo: Express)

In a fresh attack on the Congress and the BJP, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Tuesday alleged that the Lok Sabha candidates fielded by both the parties from Gurgaon had undervalued their immovable assets in their affidavits submitted to the Election Commission (EC).

AAP’s Lok Sabha candidate from Gurgaon Yogendra Yadav said BJP candidate and sitting MP from Gurgaon, Rao Inderjeet Singh, had shown the total value of his immovable assets to be Rs 14.1 crore. But he alleged it could be around Rs 300 crore. He also alleged that a piece of land owned by Singh had been wrongly declared as agricultural land.

Training his guns on Congress candidate from Gurgaon Rao Dharampal, Yadav said, “In the affidavit, Rao Dharampal has said he is a deponent of the HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) and pays income tax on all his assets. He has shown that the total value of his immovable assets is Rs 6.5 crore. People will laugh at this. He is known as a big developer in Gurgaon.”

Yadav alleged some candidates were undervaluing or giving wrong information about their assets. “We will appeal to the Election Commission to take action against the manner in which this kind of information is being hidden,” he said, pointing out that the EC had strict rules in place for declarations by candidates.

Yadav alleged a politician-builder nexus was evident in Gurgaon with “plots developed by builders being shown as owned by politicians”. “Politics in Gurgaon is entirely controlled by builders… There is a strong nexus between builders and politicians,” he alleged.

According to Yadav, if a study was conducted on candidates in the poll fray across the country, it would show the amount of wealth politicians were hiding.