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Boys in bullying video leave school, outrage mounts

Written by Shikha Sharma | New Delhi | Published on:March 14, 2014 3:18 am

A day after a video of a group of students from a prominent school bullying a senior went viral on mobile messaging service WhatsApp, the school authorities on Thursday went into damage-control mode, organising an open forum for parents to “tackle the menace of bullying”, besides framing stricter rules for use of mobile phones.

The video has two students of Modern School, Vasant Vihar, purportedly bullying another student. The incident, which took place on Monday, was filmed by a student on his mobile phone. Use of mobile phones by students is banned at the school.

The two boys seen bullying another student have left the school “on their own accord and in their best interest”, the school authorities said.

Around 150 parents visited the school on Thursday. “They came to discuss the issue. The school addressed parents’ specific concerns, besides accepting their recommendations. The school is now looking at revising its discipline policy,” principal Meenakshi Saini said.

“We are also looking at adopting a stricter ‘no mobile phone’ policy. Earlier, the school would return the phones to students after a few days, but now the school will confiscate any phone found with the students,” she said.
Emphasising that “expulsion was not the answer to the problem”, Saini stressed that the school would take “effective corrective action” and work on a “strong action plan to curb bullying”.

“The video shook me up. This is not the language a student is expected to use. The school will work closely with parents to address the issue. That is the consensus we reached,” a parent said.

After the video went viral, parents of students had expressed outrage on Wednesday and demanded action against the offenders.

“This is absolutely shocking. And even though my child is in a different class, it’s shocking to see the children behaving in the manner they are,” a parent, whose two children study at the school, said.

“As a parent, I am extremely disturbed after watching the video and wish to know how the school will handle the matter. I hope that the school will take a tough stand on this and ensure these kind of incidents are not repeated,” another parent said.

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