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Youth shot at, bullet still lodged in body

The spot where the gunshot was fired in Sector 37, Chandigarh. (Photo: Kshitij Mohan) The spot where the gunshot was fired in Sector 37, Chandigarh. (Photo: Kshitij Mohan)
By: Express News Service | Updated: April 19, 2014 3:27 am

A YOUNG man was shot and injured, allegedly by an unidentified man who tried to steal a car near a house in Sector 37-C where a birthday party was going on late Monday night.

The injured man, identified as Yugam, who is a chemist shop owner in Sector 20, underwent surgery to remove the bullet. But, after a four-hour-long operation, the bullet still remained in his body. Doctors said he would require another surgery. His condition was stable.

The police registered a case of attempt to murder, but are probing the incident from various angles. Assistant Superintendent of Police Parvinder Singh said, “We have seen the entire area near the spot. There are no CCTV cameras installed there. We are trying to find out the accused.”

According to Karanveer Singh, his friends had gathered at his place to celebrate his birthday at midnight. He said Yugam went outside to answer a phone call at 3.30 am, along with friend Akash, who wanted to get something from Samir’s Accent car.

Akash said, “I opened the car door and a person was sitting inside. When I asked him what he was doing there and how he had got in, he replied that someone was following him to kill him. Yugam then signalled to call the other friends. I went to the door of the house to call the others when the man took out a gun and fired a shot at Yugam.”

“The man ran out, rushed to a motorcycle parked near by, and drove away. Before leaving, he fired another shot towards me which did not hit me,” added Akash.

Karanveer said a car was also parked next to the motorcycle. “Some persons were sitting in that car and they also sped away,’’ he said.

Police officials said they were also probing the angle that the youths had an altercation among themselves following which someone fired at Yugam. “The Accent is not a car which can be opened so easily. We are probing all angles and will come to a conclusion only after statements of all the persons at the party are recorded. This may take a day or two,” said Inspector Dalbir Singh, SHO of Sector 39 police station.

First Published on: April 19, 20142:42 am
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