What youngsters like in Chandigarh: Beer during day, whisky at night

Since it is a light drink, the risk of getting caught at home is less and one sobers down soon.

Written by Shub Karman Dhaliwal | Chandigarh | Published: March 20, 2017 7:57:29 am
Youngsters at a party in a discotheque in Chandigarh. Express Archives

RATHER THAN sticking to one favourite drink, Tricity youngsters have a wide range of choice to pick from: beer, whisky, scotch, vodka. “Usually, when the weather is cloudy or there is a little drizzle, the first instinct is to have a good cold beer,” says a university student and a local resident of Chandigarh. Beer becomes the obvious choice for the youngsters during the day. Since it is a light drink, the risk of getting caught at home is less and one sobers down soon. “Although you need to develop a taste for beer, once you have then it is the best drink to have, especially during the day when nobody expects you to drink,” says a law student at PU.

With the pace at which microbreweries are opening in the Tricity, sitting and having a cold beer with friends while watching cricket and football matches has become a norm among the youth, a trend which they have adopted from the west.

Heavy drinks like whisky and scotch are consumed mostly at night. “A small quarter or half of a whisky is cheap. We consume it every alternate day,” says a student staying in a rented accommodation. Girls do not lag behind when it comes to drinking. “My friends and I have vodka and tequila whenever we plan to have drinks at home, PGs or at hostel. However, when we go to parties, then preferred drinks are whisky and wine,” says a girl student.

A new drink which has gained currency among the students is the long island iced tea (LIT). “The students who find drinking nauseating have found LIT to be the drink to quench their thirst for drinking. It gives you a high and it does not have that bitterness or smell of a typical drink,” says a bartender of a leading discotheque.

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