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Victim’s father says two men in USA behind the attack; police story differs

By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published on:June 28, 2014 12:12 am

The  attack on the young man in Sector 22, whose FIR led to the Moga encounter, was a contract job carried out by the three accused at the behest of two men in the USA who wanted to settle some old scores, said the victim’s father.

The two men in the USA, the three assailants and the young man himself, all are from Bagha Purana area of Moga.

The complainant’s father told Newsline on Thursday, “Two persons, Jagmeet and Balraj, had fought with my nephew more than two years back. After the fight, he came and stayed with us. They had also molested my niece.”

In retaliation, the young man, along with his friends, beat up Jagmeet and Balraj. Later, Jagmeet and Balraj went to the USA. They hired Gurcharan Singh alias Rinku, Sukhpal Singh and Shinder Singh alias Gosha to beat up the young man.

The three went to the place where the boy was staying on Monday early morning. They beat him, sexually abused him and made him to apologise to Jagmeet and Balraj on the phone, said the father.

However, the police have a slightly different story. They said that one of the three assailants had molested the complainant’s cousin and the complainant, with help of his friends, had beaten him up.

“To seek revenge, the three went to the place where he was staying and beat him up,” said a police officer.

“At first, the complainant was not ready to lodge a complaint. He kept saying that they would kill him if he did so. However, his father and other family members persuaded him to make a complaint,” said an official.

The complainant’s father said, “My son recognised the assailants and his roommate (who was also beaten up) noted the registration number of their vehicle.’’

The assailants took away the complainant’s mobile phone, gold chain, cash and the mobile phone of his room mate.

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