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Three masked men loot Rs 2 lakh at gunpoint from Derabassi Post Office

The Derabassi post office staff narrate the incident to police officers on Monday. (Harjeet Singh) The Derabassi post office staff narrate the incident to police officers on Monday. (Harjeet Singh)
By: Express News Service | Chandigarh News | Published on:May 6, 2014 2:39 am

In A daylight robbery, three masked men looted about Rs 2 lakh at gunpoint from Derabassi Post Office in a busy residential area on Monday.

The incident occurred at 1.40 pm when the robbers entered the post office building and pulled down the shutter. Apart from the three employees and the postmaster, seven customers, including a woman, were present there. One of the robbers threatened those inside with a pistol and pushed them to one side.

Another robber held postmaster Shanta Sharma at gunpoint and asked her to hand over the cash. When she said that there was no cash in the office, she was thrashed and the robbers started ransacking the place. They found Rs 91,000 in the cash counter, but failed to spot a bag containing Rs 3 lakh beneath the cash counter.

They seized another Rs 1 lakh from postman Raminder Singh’s pocket, who had withdrawn Rs 2.48 lakh from a bank in the morning. It was his personal money. The remaining Rs 1.48 lakh — in the denomination of Rs 1,000 notes — was in his back pocket which the robbers did not check, the police said.

The robbers searched the safe but found nothing. They thrashed a senior citizen trying to exit the building, and postman Raminder when he tried to click a picture with his mobile phone.

After collecting the loot, the robbers, whose faces were covered with yellow cloth, left after threatening everyone not to inform the police or open the shutter for at least an hour. While fleeing, they unsuccessfully tried to snatch the earrings of the post master.

After they left, one of the employees called the local police. Derabassi SP Anil Sharma said that a case of robbery had been registered.

Fingerprint experts, a forensic team, along with SSP G S Sandhu and SP (Detective) G S Grewal also visited the spot.

The police said that the crime seemed to have been well-planned as the robbers knew that there were four employees in the office. They were spotted recceing the area on a motorcycle before the incident.

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