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Stray dog bites 18 people in Sec 20 in one day, caught

A stray dog struck terror in Sector 20A by biting at least 18 people. A stray dog struck terror in Sector 20A by biting at least 18 people.
By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published on:May 8, 2014 4:19 am

A stray dog struck terror in Sector 20A by biting at least 18 people since Tuesday evening before it was captured by the dog squad of the Municipal Corporation on Wednesday.

Local municipal councillor Rajesh Gupta, who visited the areas, said 20 to 25 people  had been bitten by the dog. The victims, who all lived around a park, included children and senior citizens, men and women. The menace began on Tuesday evening when the dog chased a scooterist. “When he stopped, the dog jumped on him and bit him badly. Next, it attacked two elderly men while they were out on a walk,” said a resident.
In the morning Sangeeta Juneja, 58, was attacked by a  pack of dogs when she was returning home after feeding birds in the park. She suffered deep wounds on both legs.

“A few dogs stood near my house. As I was about to enter my house, one of them bit me in the leg. I lost my balance and fell on the ground, following which other dogs also attacked me,” Sangeeta said.

Ten-year-old Nishtha, who lives two houses next to Juneja’s, was the next victim. “Around 7am, while I was going to catch my school bus, a black dog came running towards me, jumped on me and bit me in the right leg,” the girl said.

Her father Navneet Gaur said, “Dog menace is a major problem here. Their number is increasing, we had complained to the Municipal Corporation, but it was of no use.”

The dog bit many more in the locality. Panicky people called the local councillor Rajesh Gupta and the Municipal  Corporation officials.  Late in the evening, the black female dog was finally captured.

Dr M S Kamboj, who looks after capture and sterilistion of stray dogs, said that the dog had skin infection and had been sent for treatment to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  “Apparently, the female dog is not suffering from rabies, but it will be investiged,” he added.
Besides the Municipal authorities, the people blamed a women in the locality who, they said, fed stray dogs.

Meanwhile, victims of dog bite gave shocking details of the treatment available at the city’s government hospital and dispensaries. The Government Multi-Speciality Hospital in Sector 16 did not have antiseptic liquid to clean the wounds. “At 6am, the hospital staff asked me to buy an antiseptic soap from the market. Not only this, they asked me to take my wife home and clean the wounds as they did not have any place to clean her wounds,” said husband of Sangeeta Juneja.

“When I asked them to give this in writing, then they cleaned the wounds of my wife,” he added. The Rabies Vaccination Clinic in Sector 19 did not have the vaccines it is supposed to provide free, said …continued »

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