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RLA earns Rs 57.6 lakh on Day 1 of open auction

During the open auction on Saturday. (Express photo by Jasbir Malhi) During the open auction on Saturday. (Express photo by Jasbir Malhi)
Written by Ifrah Mufti | Chandigarh | Published on:June 29, 2014 2:48 am

Unlike the open auction of the previous series, CH-01-AX, when RLA had earned over Rs 69 lakh on the first day, Registering and Licensing Authority (RLA), Chandigarh, managed to earn only Rs 57.6 lakh at the open auction of vehicle registration numbers for the series CH-01-AY, held on Saturday.

The auction witnessed bidding for 100 numbers, of which the number CH-01-AY-0001, fetched the highest amount of Rs 5.75 lakh by a city based company, Modern Pesticides. The company’s bid was the highest among five other bidders.

Rajan Kapoor, manager of the company, who had bought the first special number ‘0001’, said that these special VIP numbers are the “symbols” of his company. “It is our 11th car, for which we have purchased the special number. The rest of our 10 cars have single digit VIP numbers, mostly ‘one’ and ‘five’. It represents our company and proves to be lucky for us every time,” Kapoor added.

The second number, which fetched the highest bid after 0001 was CH-01-AY-0002. It fetched Rs 2.35 lakh. Seven people bid for CH-01-AX-0002. The number, for which the reserve price was Rs 15,000, was taken by Sarab Singh, representing Bhanghu Enterprises.

Meanwhile, Vinod Sharma, from Agro food Corporation, Sector 34, bagged CH-01-AY-0009 at Rs 2.25 lakh. The numbers CH-01-AY-0007, 0011, 0045 were auctioned at Rs 2.15 lakh, Rs 1.11 lakh and Rs 1.07 lakh, respectively. Parmeet Kaur, who bought the number CH-01-AY-0045, said, “I already have four cars with the same number, while my house number and even the phone number consists of ‘45’. It has developed into a passion now to own cars with same numbers.”

“Our business is based in Bhatinda but we are planning to shift to Chandigarh, which is why we needed a Chandigarh number only. All our cars have special numbers with a series of five and nine but this time we had decided to buy number 13 only, and luckily we got the number,” said Amandeep Singh, who bought the number CH-01-AX-0013, for Rs 65,000 for his Mercedes-GL. In the last open auction of the AX series, special number 12 had attracted as many as 13 bidders and was auctioned for Rs 1.10 lakh.

Another business man from Balbir Singh and Company, who had bought the special number 0015 for Rs 60,000 for Volkswagen Touareg, said, “My father had got the same number 35 years ago and since then, all of our cars have the same number. All our trucks, which we use for transport and trading, also have the same numbers.”

The number, which fetched the least amount of Rs 11,000 was 0083 and 0084. The auctioning of remaining numbers – CH-01-AY-101 and onwards, will be held on June 29.

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