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Police remove traffic booth from Majri Chowk

By: Express News Service | Panchkula | Published on:May 24, 2014 3:48 pm

With a number of trucks overturning at Majri Chowk in the recent past, the Panchkula Police has removed the traffic booth, that had been erected at the center of the chowk, as an experiment. The move is aimed at verifying whether the booth created a hindrance for heavy vehicles while taking a turn. Meanwhile, National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) would be seeking help of private consultants (traffic and road experts) to study the accident prone area.

In this month alone, three trucks have overturned at the chowk while taking a turn leading towards National Highway-22. Police suspected that the traffic booth installed at the chowk was giving less space for heavy vehicle to make a turn, leading to disbalance of the vehicle.

“We are conducting an experiment by removing the traffic booth to find out whether it would lead to a decrease in number of accidents. Earlier, heavy vehicles used to get less space while making a turn. After removal of the booth, we are speculating that vehicles would get more space,” said Traffic Inspector Suresh Kumar.

Meanwhile, NHAI would ask road safety experts from Delhi to visit Majri chowk and make a detailed report on the cause of accidents and possible solutions. “A team of experts would be appointed from NHAI Headquarters in Delhi soon, who would conduct a detailed analysis of the site and submit their report,” said O C Mathur, NHAI General Manager.

Earlier this year too, a couple of accidents have taken place involving heavy vehicles. On April 3, a truck carrying bundles of aluminium wire, fell sideways at the chowk. The truck was coming from Ramgarh and was heading towards Nalagarh in Himachal Pradesh. On March 2, an industrial tanker carrying a non-inflammable liquid chemical, fell sideways, leading to a major traffic jam. The tanker was coming from Kandla (Gujarat) and was going towards Baddi (Himachal Pradesh).

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