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Police drag feet over registration of case against Sector 49 housing society

Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published on:June 19, 2013 4:33 am

Despite directions by the UT Deputy Commissioner,the Chandigarh Police has failed to register a case against the management of a group housing society in Sector 49.

The DC had sent a communication directing registration of the case. Not paying any heed to the directions,the police has been moving slowly on the issue.

The complaint is against the management of Swati Co-operative Housing Society in Sector 49. As per the rules,the substitution of members of a society is banned.

This has however been done in the case of Swati Co-operative Housing Society. One of the members was replaced and a flat allotted to another who was made a member of the society.

The Deputy Commissioner,who is the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,sought action against the management.

DC Mohd Shayin says that a complaint has been given to the police and registration of case sought which has not been done till now. He added that the society had replaced one of the members,which is not allowed. A hearing was also given to the president of the society to explain his position in the issue.

As per the management of the society,the original allottee was expelled from the society and later moved court against the expulsion. The member later withdrew the case,but gave general power of attorney of the flat to someone else,which is not acceptable.

SHO of Sector 34 Police Station Diwan Singh said that the legal opinion on the issue was sought from the district attorney.

Thereafter some clarifications were asked for by the district attorney which were subsequently sent.

Since then,legal opinion is still awaited. He added that they would further progress in the case when the legal opinion is received.

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