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Over 6 lakh registered voters in city

The total number of voters in the city has increased from 5.22 lakh in the last election to 6.13 lakh. The total number of voters in the city has increased from 5.22 lakh in the last election to 6.13 lakh.
Written by Khushboo Sandhu | Chandigarh | Updated: April 8, 2014 4:34 am

More than 6 lakh registered voters in the city would decide the fate of the candidates on April 10. Of these, approximately 45 per cent voters are in the villages and colonies. Besides, a substantial chunk of the voters are present in Manimajra as well as the third phase sectors.

As compared to this, the population of voters in the northern sectors is sparse, with around 13,000 voters registered in the first 11 sectors.

As many as 48,108 voters are registered in Manimajra. While in the housing societies in Sectors 48 to 63, there are around 50,000 registered voters. Among the sectors, the highest number of registered voters are in Sector 38 and 38 (w) where the electors are 17,086. Among the villages and colonies, Dhanas has the highest concentration of voters, numbering 28,721.

The total number of voters in the city has increased from 5.22 lakh voters in the last election to 6.13 lakh. The campaigns by the Election Commission  ensured that the awareness about enrollment increased. According to estimates, 60 per cent of the population of an area should be registered voters. Chandigarh has a population of 10.55 lakh.

Over the years, the slum dwellers were rehabilitated and resettlement colonies set up. Allotted as single-storey tenements, some of these are now triple storey houses with a substantial population of the city residing here. The focus of campaigning of the political parties has been the areas with high concentration of votes. These are the areas where the voting percentage is also high.

With the increase in concentration of voters in certain areas, the number of polling booths has increased. There are a total of 519 polling booths that would be set up. Among the areas where these have increased is Dhanas where a rehabilitation colony, consisting of 8,848 tenements, has been set up.

Besides the  northern sectors, which  include Sectors 4, 9, 10, 12, 14 and 16, the number of voters is less than 10,000 in Sectors 31 and 34 as well.

The sectors where the number of voters is high include Sector 45 where there are 16,383 registered voters, Sector 40 where there are 12927 voters and Sector 20 where the number is 12,679.

The third phase sectors comprise of the housing societies. With multi-level houses, the area has a substantial votebank. Apart from co-operative group housing societies the houses constructed by Chandigarh Housing Board are also there.

First Published on: April 8, 20144:33 am
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