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College students are looking at modelling not just as a means to earn extra pocket money but as a full-time career they can pursue.

Written by Rohan Swamy | Published: April 30, 2013 12:04 am

College students are looking at modelling not just as a means to earn extra pocket money but as a full-time career they can pursue.

When 19-year-old Snea Chawla took to posing in front of the camera a year ago,it wasn’t out of choice but more about exploring new possibilities. A year later,after collaborating with a photographer friend ,Chawla says she enjoys posing in front of the camera and now her love has only been channelised to a more profitable module.

“My friend Rohan Bhosle and I were both beginning last year — he as a photographer and I as someone who wanted to do modelling. So we decided that he would shoot my portfolio pictures and we would use them as cover shots for brands that were looking to advertise products,” she says. A student of the School of Fashion Technology (SOFT),Chawla says the idea worked wonderfully for both of them. “Not only did we get a lot of exposure with our own brand — Rohan Sanjay Photography — but for us as a model and photographer duo it was a mutually beneficial,” she adds.

Chawla is not the only college student looking to model and make a full-time career out of it. A lot of youngsters look at it as a good way to not just earn extra money but also groom themselves and learning to coordinate their clothes and looks,which according to a lot helps them in later life.

Take the case of another 19-year-old student-turned-model,Neelam Virwani. A second year commerce student at Sinhagad Institute in Kondhwa,Virwani has been a professional model for just under a year now. Before this she used to work as a librarian and with a telecom firm. Virwani says,her friends were a major reason behind her getting into modelling. “People would tell me that I am tall and I should consider modelling as a profession. When I won a couple of pageants I participated in,I began to take serious notice of the profession. And before I knew it,I was doing assignments in Pune and also walking the ramp at fashion weeks in Hyderabad and Vishakapatnam. I began enjoying it,” she says.

Money,as Santosh Gupta,as owner of NS Events,points out,is subjective. “It is based on the assignment,how good the model is and also on experience. More often than not,for a six-hour or day-long event,youngsters get paid anywhere between Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000. Money is a definite pull for college students,but more than that it is about the glamour and grandeur of the profession. Around 80-90 per cent of girls,who come to model,admit it. For those who are good and able to carry themselves well,there is no limit to what can be earned,” he says.

Virwani argues that though the glamour is enticing,for many it is just the thrill of being able to pose for the cameras that attracts them to the field. “There was so much I got to learn when I came into the profession. I never gave much thought to make up,colour co-ordination,dressing and accessorising. But now I understand that grooming oneself well makes you stand out in the crowd. There is also a feel good factor associated to it,which I think is important. We need to also see why we are in the profession and what good is it doing to us as people. That is the bigger picture. Money,glamour and fame come and go. We need to look at what else the profession offers,” she adds.

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