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Midnight terror: Kala Kachha gang strikes at three farmhouses in quick succession

At the farmhouse owned by former DGP of Punjab. (Source: Express photo by Sumit Malhotra) At the farmhouse owned by former DGP of Punjab. (Source: Express photo by Sumit Malhotra)
By: Express News Service | Mohali/chandigarh | Published on:July 25, 2014 2:04 am

Panic gripped the area near the Chandigarh-Punjab border after a gang of seven or eight men, armed with sticks, struck at three farmhouses in quick succession on Wednesday night, thrashed the caretakers and took away about Rs 50,000 in cash, some jewellery and other items.

The gang first raided two farmhouses near Parch village, close to Mullanpur in Punjab, then went to the third, owned by a former DGP of Punjab Police Daljeet Singh Bhullar, across the border at Khuda Lahora village in Chandigarh. Police suspect the raids were carried out by the same Kala Kachha gang which had  targeted a farmhouse near Gharuan on June 28.

The assailants, who were clad only in underwear and had their faces covered with clothes taken from the first farmhouse, broke both arms of the caretaker at Bhullar’s farmhouse. However, other victims escaped with minor injuries.

The gang, which spoke a Hindi dialect common among some nomadic tribes, first arrived at Captain Rajpal Farmhouse around 11.30 pm. They broke open the door and immediately started thrashing Jai Singh ‘Bhola’ Yadav, 32, before tying him up. They also thrashed Jai Singh’s wife Girija but spared their two children.

They collected the couple’s Rs 6,000, some jewellery, including the items which Girija was wearing, some kitchen items and also a cycle. Before leaving, they again thrashed the couple, asked names of the family members staying in an adjacent farmhouse and, audaciously enough, said that they were going there.

Leaving Jai Singh tied, they went to the Gauba Farmhouse where the caretaker was Jai Singh’s brother Raman Yadav, 30. The police suspect that they first called out the names of the inmates but when no one answered, they thrashed the dog tied outside. Hearing his wails, Raman came out to find that the light was off.

“As I adjusted my eyes to the darkness, I saw a man with a stick and immediately tried to rush inside. But he held me, and another one started beating me. Several more men emerged and ransacked our house. They collected around Rs 1,200, an ATM card along with a slip having its password, and some other items within minutes,” said Raman.

They also collected three mobile phones, removed the SIM cards and broke them. “Then they left behind the phones knowing they are easy to trace but took away the memory cards, probably to listen to the songs stored on them,” said Raman.

Meanwhile, back in the first farmhouse, Girija untied her husband who gathered a few persons in the neighbourhood and they went towards the Gauba Farmhouse, shouting at the top of their voice, which scared the dacoits who then fled in a hurry.

Minutes later, as the news reached Parch village, many more villagers arrived. Someone informed the Mullanpur SHO who arrived with a police team. continued…

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