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MC move on job to killed fireman’s son rekindles hope for victim’s family

Family members of Ravinder Kumar Sharma at their house in Chandigarh on Tuesday. Family members of Ravinder Kumar Sharma at their house in Chandigarh on Tuesday .
Written by Gagandeep Singh Dhillon | Chandigarh | Published on:July 30, 2014 3:15 am

The announcement of recommendation of a job on compassionate grounds to the son of Ravinder Kumar Sharma, the Air Force fireman who lost his life in the NIELET building collapse, has rekindled the hope of a new life for Ravinder’s family, who had been facing an uncertain future following the death of the family’s sole bread-winner.

Although the family has received no compensation from the Air Force or the government, the MC House on Monday approved forwarding a proposal for a job to his son to the UT Administration. “All I want right now is a job as I have a large family to support. I have two younger siblings and if I manage to get a job, we’ll be able to make ends meet again,” said Ravinder’s eldest son Dheeraj, 21.

However, the family is yet to receive any monetary compensation for Ravinder’s sacrifice. “Several people had promised all kinds of help immediately after the incident. But we’re yet to receive any compensation,” said Sunil Kumar, a relative of the deceased.

Dheeraj said that the matter of compensation by the Air Force was still under consideration. “We were assured of all possible help by the Air Force officers when the incident was in the news. The matter is still under consideration by the Air Force. Let’s see how it turns out,” said Dheeraj’s cousin Maninder.

In her application to the MC, wife of the deceased Savita Sharma said that apart from herself and her three children, including two minors, Ravinder’s 90-year-old mother Nirmala Devi was also dependent upon her. “All the liabilities of the family are on the shoulders of my son Dheeraj, who is matriculate and has passed the firefighting course. Please appoint my son in government service (on any suitable job) in the MC,” she had stated.

Dheeraj said that he was yet to be formally intimated about the decision of the House. “I read in the news that it has to be further approved by the administration. I hope it happens soon as I can’t wait to start working so that the financial burden on my family is lessened,” he said.

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