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“What’s within me translates into a painting,” Jenny Watson’s peace of mind,thoughts,emotional turmoil,dreams,life...adorn her canvas,which is fabric.

Written by ShevetaBhatia | Published: January 10, 2009 12:56 am

Jenny Watson paints her thoughts

“What’s within me translates into a painting,” Jenny Watson’s peace of mind,thoughts,emotional turmoil,dreams,life…adorn her canvas,which is fabric. “That is the soul of my art form,” the painter,in Chandigarh for a vacation and to collect versatile fabrics of the region,has been awarded a fellowship by the Visual Arts Board and Alliance Francaise,project grant by Arts Queensland and Deacons Graham & James Award Residency in Tokyo,Newcastle Art Prize and Indian Triennale. Enamoured by the intense colours that rule the city’s markets,Watson says they denote the vibrancy,the joy of living and a portrayal of celebration of life.

Jenny’s art works reflect the spirit of the times and place in which they were created. They are like an unfolding narrative of the artist’s central character as she evolves,“happiness,sadness,guilt,loneliness,contentment…my paintings show it all,” Jenny teaches at Griffith University,Australia and hopes that her future works will reflect the heart of Chandigarh.

“My collection is a visual autobiography and now we’ll have a chapter dedicated to India. One which most women will be able to relate to,” Watson says her grief about giving up ballet is reflected in a work,where she stands alone in the spotlight. “Each of us nurses a secret resentment about things we wanted to do and could not because of circumstances,” she says,adding that impossible is possible,if we have the will. “For instance,I started painting on fabric,for I could not afford canvas and now the fabric itself has become my speciality,taking me around the world,’’ she smiles…

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