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Fortuner driver’s father says he surrendered, was scared of Inspector

The Fortuner at Sector 17 police station. (Express) The Fortuner at Sector 17 police station. (Express)
Written by Japjeet Duggal | Chandigarh | Published on:April 15, 2014 4:30 am

The driver of the Fortuner SUV, who allegedly tried to run over an inspector 10 days back, wasn’t arrested by the police on any “secret tip-off’’, but had actually surrendered, said his father on Monday. Deputy Superintendent of Police (South) Surjit Singh Malik confirmed it.

Gurpreet Singh had allegedly tried to run over Inspector Amanjot Singh on April 6 at a naka on the road dividing Sectors 44 and 45. Police said the inspector tried to stop him by firing with his revolver and punctured the tyres, but still the SUV sped away. The police also said that the SUV was damaged in the incident.

According to the police, Gurpreet Singh was arrested on Saturday when he went to get a spare part for his damaged vehicle from an agency.

However, DSP Malik said, “Father of the accused came to the police station on Saturday after owners of all white Fortuner cars in Mohali were summoned by the police for investigation. When Singh came, he said that his son was driving the vehicle. We asked him to call his son, and he was arrested.”

Surjit Singh said his son had actually stopped at the naka, but panicked and drove away when he saw Inspector Amanjot, who had arrested him twice in the past.

“I told the police that my son was scared of Inspector Amanjot Singh. That is the reason he fled from the naka. I met the DSP, told him about the past encounters of my son with Inspector Amanjot and then called my son to surrender,” said Surjit Singh.

Recalling the incident, Himanshu, one of the occupants of the black Honda City which was hit by the fleeing Fortuner, said, “A white car rammed into my car, sped towards the naka, hit a police vehicle, and then breaking through the naka, fled towards Mohali. One of the officers at the naka fired shots at the car but the driver did not stop.”

A police officer said Surjit told them that Gurpreet had even stopped at the naka and “he was checked at four previous nakas on the way”.
Interestingly, there are no visible bullet marks on the SUV which is in the  police custody. The police said  the SUV would be sent to the CFSL to check if it was repaired.

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